“Whether to Know” is enlightened by the same scholar zhuang, but the skills learned are different: the sheng sisters give answers

Why did the three Sisters of the Sheng family, enlightened by the scholar Zhuang, learn different skills?I think the main reason is the difference in the purpose of study.Some people study for themselves, some people study for others.The purpose of learning is different, the focus of learning is different, and the skills learned are also different.Let’s analyze it together.First, such as LAN Such as LAN is the wife of the palace, grew up in the big lady, inherited the big lady’s character.I don’t care much about reading.When I was young, I often hid in order to escape the inspection of the prosperous Hong of my father.Sheng Hong promotion, to bianjing office, a family to go with the boat.On the boat, Ru LAN was still doing her homework lazily.The big lady said to let her good endorsement, the reason is to avoid the inspection of daddy, not to let her learn the knowledge in the book.This can be seen, the big lady is to know such as orchid not good endorsement, just turn a blind eye.Because, the big lady from the heart also did not pay much attention to reading this matter.In order not to endorse, such as orchid is also come up with many ideas!Like hanging out with grandma, so her dad won’t be afraid to check.If you put all these thoughts on reading, perhaps, will also read very well.Such as the purpose of reading, is to read, did not think of their own to learn what things, just go.So, such as LAN to their own requirements are very low, can know the text read.The queen also does not value reading this matter, so such as orchid is also affected by her, they all think, in the future to do is the head of the queen, learn housekeeper, director, look at the books on the good, what poetry against, are fairies do!A skill you need to learn to be a concubine.Once, Mo LAN ridiculed her, saying that she knew nothing about poetry and songs. Ru LAN said, “I’m going to be a real lady in the future, not like you, who are going to be a concubine and learn how to compose poems.”See from this, such as orchid is not used to those who will only recite poetry against, coquettish people, this is influenced by the big Hong concubine destroy his wife, so, the big Hong Lin Shuang shuang as an eyesore, against her poetry, playing chess are not pleasing to the eye.It was the prejudice of the great Lady that led to the prejudice of Ru LAN. It also happened to be an excuse for her not to like reading.As everyone knows, reading can not only learn poetry against, but also learn to know people, distinguish between right and wrong, but also cultivate morality, growth of wisdom.Do not know, such as LAN finally choose wen Yan jing, is to make up for his bad learning regret?Be like orchid, just do not love to learn, and black orchid is study purpose is not pure, we say black orchid below.Mo LAN Mo LAN was forced to study when she was young by Lin Shuangshuang. The purpose of studying is to win the favor of Sheng Hong and sheng old lady.After that, he went to study in a pedant in order to increase his talent and marry into a noble family in the future.We have to admit that Mo LAN has both talent and hard work in poetry and poetry, which is better than the other sisters.Unfortunately, she is too utilitarian, only to learn some of the royal favorite things.Give her something to talk about, something to fit in with, something to hook her up with.This is the ultimate goal of Moran’s reading, utilitarian and superficial.When I was in shujuku, I began to have unreasonable thoughts about my classmate Qi Xiaogongye, but they didn’t mean anything to her.Later, just shift target, locked lustful Liang Han.Below the stratagem of Lin Xiaoniang, Black orchid married Liang Han, after marry past, the day is not easy.So, in the end, no matter how many books she read, she couldn’t understand why she tried to control the house the way Mrs. Lin had taught her, and failed miserably.Because, what Lin Xiaoniang teaches her is fundamentally wrong.Xiao Niang Lin had taught her to read in order to please The Sheng Hong, so that she could always pet them, and to please the old woman, so that she could go to the old woman to be taught.When a person does a thing, just to win the approval of others, it often changes the flavor.It’s easier to lose yourself while trying to please others.Mo LAN, brainwashed by Lin Xiaoniang, took marrying a high status and rich man as her goal.Also become like Lin Xiaoniang, in order to want by hook or by hook, what bottom line what face can not.Read the sages, but do not remember their teachings.This is really closely related to the purpose of Moran’s reading ah, she did not read to understand things.This just had, she is in Lin xiaoniang instigate below, go privately meet Liang Han.After the incident, he didn’t feel guilty.After marry past, still learn Lin Xiaoniang to kill wei Xiaoniang’s means actually, killed the child in chun Ke’s belly.The purpose of reading is not pure, did not learn the wisdom of the book, only learn some of their own think useful means, finally, harm yourself.At first, Sheng Hong doesn’t want Minglan to go to the class of zhuang pedants. First, he thinks Minglan has just lost her mother, and second, minglan is still small and can’t get out of bed.Seemingly love her, in fact, is not care about her.Sheng old lady said: “let her go, one can understand the truth of life, two can shift your attention!”Sheng Hong just listened to the old woman, let Ming LAN to read.In the whole sheng court, after Wei Xiaoniang died, grandmother was the only one who had far-reaching plans for her.Ming LAN also lived up to her grandmother’s hope and read the book clearly and learned all the wisdom in the book.This is inseparable from the purpose of her grandmother to let her study, grandmother is to let her learn the truth of life.Under the influence of grandmother’s positive san-view, Minglan also has a positive san-view.Ming LAN’s handwriting was not good, so she was punished by Zhuang pedant for copying the Salt and Iron Theory. Her attitude was positive, and she did not want to avoid being lazy, but just bribed the pedant to give her a few more days.There is also Ming LAN’s refutation of the useless theory of women’s reading, is very wonderful.She said, if reading is useless, why the world of men are busy reading test success, what women have no talent is virtuous, but the man to, the woman good control and say lies!Minglan also learned a lot from the book, for example, she often said that it is better to pull the rug out from under the ground than to stop the soup boiling.Many of her opinions, such as the one that saved his father, hong Hong: A man, be loyal and patriotic, to be a pure minister.Why can Ming LAN have so many original views?It has everything to do with what she’s reading for.She read to be sensible, to be a wise person and not to be trapped in the mire of life.Therefore, when reading, will naturally pay more attention to this aspect of knowledge, but also in this aspect of a lot of accumulation.Moran, on the other hand, pays more attention to poems and poems, these frills.And not in-depth thinking, the truth of life.So, the purpose of learning has a big impact on learning outcomes.Your attention will be focused on what your purpose is.Premier Zhou once said: “Reading for the rise of China!”Although, we can not be as ambitious as Premier Zhou.However, you still need to read for the right purpose.What is the right purpose?The goal is to make yourself better, not to please others by reading books!In fact, not only reading this matter, no matter what we do, we should have a correct purpose, so as not to go awry, even if occasionally go astray, or can timely go on the right track.Always remember: please yourself, always more important than to please others!If you want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the growth of Qiqi’s mother through the history of wonderful: Brush “Know”, I wrote 21 articles, follow these three steps, let you write “Know”, Ming LAN is so smart, also stepped on three pits in the marriage, it is worth us to think about whether:Ming LAN and Hua LAN were brought up by their grandmother. After marriage, one acted amicably and the other suffered from anger. There are three reasons

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