Only changan Auchan X5 super sense, have type!

In the car tide, SUV has become a popular model, more and more users choose SUV models, there is momentum now young people seem to have a special preference for SUV, even a few years old children are the same, I asked a few children like what kind of model, their choice is SUV, I also wonder why?Their answer is large and spacious, high chassis, with complex road conditions will not ke chassis, go out to play when the SUV models more suitable, good power, wow, children even know these, yeah, from changan auchan X5 sales achievement could see, like suvs as the user is numerous, combined with the current suvs appearance design is very fashion,Broke the original sense of bulky, domestic quality layer upon layer of progress, have the blessing of science and technology intelligence, travel necessary, the best choice!Said to changan auchan X5 intelligence of science and technology, have to say that the car carrying OnStyle 3.0 snatched auchan intelligence system, outstanding intelligent configuration can carry to cannot begin to imagine, from the original manual operation to realize the saying don’t begin, open air conditioning, the skylight were traveling, listening to music, switch to use mode and so on all use voice commands to complete,Enjoy considerate service without distraction to ensure travel safety.Clairvoyance “clairaudient” remote control, face recognition, gesture, fatigue tips, lane departure warning, hd 360 ° panoramic images, and so on function, bring the car ahead of peers, have such super models with the feeling of driving, safe, when you need it, these features around at any time to provide good services, science and technology in the service of life is not a talk,And is very practical function, so in a short time by many never recognized.Changan Auchan X5’s dynamic performance is more bright, blue whale’s golden power combination for it to support, and there are young people like the track mode, when the need to vent negative energy can switch the mode to experience passion and speed, or open the myctless CAR KTV, release their emotions, let the energy positive.Like Auchan X5 no reason, very worthy of a supersensory model.

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