Today I learned that putting a few garlic in rice can save a lot of money a year

Hello, everyone, this is, pay attention to Lao Liu, every day to share a delicious and practical home cooking 1, rice is flat, sweet.2, today Liu Sister-in-law to share the “method of preserving rice” practice, like friends can first collect, free to try yourself.3, the following start to introduce the ingredients needed: rice, red pepper, dry pepper, garlic, masks 4, rice is our family all year round in eat, due to various reasons, accidentally rice will be born bugs, that take rice long bugs should do.To get rid of bugs quickly, get a mask with two layers inside.We cut a small slit in the side with scissors. 5. Put the dried pepper and sichuan pepper into the slit.6, if we usually buy back the rice is more than one time to eat, can be put into a clean plastic bag, the bag mouth sealed tight, and then put into the refrigerator for 24 hours, the eggs inside will soon be frozen to death,7, prepare a few garlic to peel off the coat, and then buried garlic deeply in the rice, we decide according to the amount of rice, some rice is 20 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds.Put 20 heads of garlic in 50 jin of rice, which has two benefits:First there are garlic, garlic can inhibit the rice all kinds of bugs 8, the second garlic save undeserved word easily sprout at ordinary times, put it in rice, rice, dry garlic can be in the middle of a dry for a long time, the state of the water shortage, garlic is not so easy to sprout, the two together so he can be said to be changed, also can say it two together to kill two birds with one stone,I have recently screened out the best production method I have ever done. If you want to get it, you can send me a private message backstage to get it. It is my great honor to bring convenience to you.

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