Lin Zhiling child details exposure, husband black ze never pressure, blunt: Zhi Ling is my child

On the morning of January 31, famous actress Lin Zhiling announced her baby’s birth through her social media account.Lin chi-Ling’s fans were both surprised and delighted when she gave birth to a baby. They wished her well and joked that she had kept the baby secret so well that there was no gossip.So if a star really wants to hide something, it can be done, and being exposed is intentional.Indeed, Before Lin Zhiling gave birth to a child was not disclosed in advance, the sudden announcement of motherhood is still a bit difficult to accept.Lin Chi-ling’s official announcement case is very careful, bilingual interaction in Both Chinese and English, the beginning of the use of a “cry cry” emoticon, the mood is particularly complicated.The arrival of the little angel has inspired Lin Zhiling’s inner mother love, and she hopes to share her love with everyone at the beginning of the New Year. She sincerely thanks everyone who cares about her.In the end, Lin also posted a photo of the baby’s fingers, which are very cute and pink, trying to grasp the mother’s big hand. I believe that millions of people will be moved by the birth of the new life.Lin did not mention the gender of the baby, but Taiwan media soon announced that it was a boy and that it was suspected to have been born in the United States, exposing many details of the birth.In addition, According to the time of Lin zhiling’s official announcement, she should be pregnant between April and May 2021, and the son’s star sign should be Capricorn.And from her recent social media accounts, it can be found that Lin Zhiling has not taken full-body photos for more than half a year, only showing her face, which shows how hard she is to protect the news of her pregnancy.Lin Zhiling’s love for children can be clearly expressed. Before she gave birth, she often used her spare time to help the public welfare and send warmth to children in difficult areas.However Lin Zhiling himself is pregnant however above encounter a variety of difficulties, often get the guess of the outside world and doubt, this makes Lin Zhiling heart pressure quite big.According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Zhiling had previously let go of her desire to have a boy and a girl, revealing that she wanted to be a mother, but in the face of external birth, her husband AKIRA did not put pressure on her, but domineering to block all pressure, blunt: Zhiling is my child.Black ze liangping so “domineering protect his wife” way people envy unceasingly, visible two people’s marriage life is how happy.Since her wedding to Yoshihei Kurozawa in June 2019, Lin has been focusing on her family, slowing down her acting career and trying to find a way to get pregnant.Now, at the age of 47, Lin has finally given birth to a baby and all the “suffering” she has endured has been worth it.Finally, congratulations to Lin Zhiling and Kurosawa Ryohei, the dream of the family of three has finally come true, wish them more and more happiness in the future life, the baby can grow up healthily under the care of parents.

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