Tourists stranded in Kunming Jiaozi Snow Mountain were properly handled

On February 2, 2022 tourists stranded caused by extreme weather kunming luquan county sedan snow mountain, yunnan provincial party committee secretary wang ning, vice secretary of yunnan provincial party committee, governor wang wave, provincial party committee standing committee, kunming municipal party committee secretary hong-jian liu, standing committee of the provincial party committee, provincial government executive vice governor Liu Fei, vice governor of the provincial government and LiangHui, vice governor Li Ma Lin and other leaders have made important instructions,The government urged prompt evacuation and all-out efforts to rescue and settle stranded tourists.Liu Jiachen, deputy secretary of kunming Municipal Committee of the CPC and mayor of Kunming Municipal Government, led a team to the parking lot at the gate of Xinshanyakou scenic spot of Jiaozi Snow Mountain at about 2 am on Wednesday, organizing evacuation and rescue, and commanding the livelihood of stranded tourists and other related work.Kunming, luquan county, two levels of related departments and dragon town, township wumeng rapidly start the emergency plan, the organization carries out the snow, the fast repair sifang scene to a new mountain pass road, to provide the stranded tourists such as check, channel, transfer and resettlement work, and are issued for tourists meal package, provide hot water and warm objects, organization turned dragon town 14 restaurants, 38 hotel tourist accommodation guarantee.Under the active support and cooperation of the majority of tourists, at present, all the tourists stranded in the Sifang Scene have been transferred out of the scenic spot, no tourists stranded in the scenic spot;About 300 vehicles slowly passed to Zhuanlong Town and were arranged to four temporary diversion sites for rest and meals.At the same time, through mobile phone text messages to the tourists in the vicinity of the scenic spot and Zhuanlong town warm tips, clearly informed the city, county, township government departments at the three levels of the rescue situation and on-site help.At noon on March 3, more than 30 private cars were still in the parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot due to the condition of the car or the reason that they had checked into the b&B, etc. They had arranged to deliver meals and hot water, and issued safety warnings one by one.Authorities are concentrating on deicing roads and are expected to resume normal traffic on Wednesday afternoon.Jiaozi Snow Mountain scenic spot has been temporarily closed since Feb 3 due to bad weather.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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