After tomorrow: Spring Festival gifts stop, come 101 fireworks!

The New Year is coming tomorrow in Mainland China. The Alliance has prepared some New Year’s activities to celebrate fuhu’s New Year with the survivors. Please come and have a look with Ming Ming.From January 27 to February 9, the welfare of Chinese New Year sign-in will be opened. If you complete the sign-in, you can receive the reward of the day. If you miss the sign-in, you can also spend gold bars to make up the sign-in.Fuhu Lucky gift box: Successful sign-in on January 27th will get fuhu lucky gift box *1, successful sign-in on February 5th will get Fuhu lucky gift box *2.”Year of the Tiger” title: if you sign in on January 31, you will get the limited title “Year of the Tiger”, and you will get the bonus of running fast in your clothes, which will increase your movement speed by 1.5% in the negotiation area map.(permanent “the year of the tiger happy New Year” headdress and clothes) (chun topic card and spring head box) (New Year of tiger bubble box style) is not only the year of the tiger blessing: on February 1, success in the year of the tiger blessing package is available, and it contains “the year of the tiger New Year” headdress and clothes, winter jasmine theme name card, spring head box and the New Year of tiger bubble box style, full blessing, prosperous New Year!Deep Blue adventure backpack: If you sign in on February 9th, you will get the deep blue adventure backpack. The backpack has a larger shape, which makes you feel more secure when traveling in the field and more secure when collecting and mining.From January 27 to February 9, 2016, you can get double duty points by opening the schedule, and you can also get double proficiency by opening the duty treasure box. Come and get the Double Carnival gift!Tips:① Time-limited assistance tasks, holiday tasks do not enjoy the bonus ② When the task has other multiple bonus, take the highest multiple bonus, multiple does not add up ③ did not receive the reward on the day, the next day when the replacement will not enjoy the multiplier bonus, please timely receive that day treasure box reward oh ~ ~From January 27 to February 9, survivors can go to Happy 101 to complete daily tasks according to the mission guide, and they can get a piece of New Year’s Picture randomly (one extra piece can be obtained on New Year’s Eve). If they collect five pieces of different New Year’s picture, they can make a Gift for New Year’s Blessing bag, which can be opened after 20pm on January 31.(Blessing bag opening interval is 72 hours) Opening blessing bag can randomly obtain potential capsules *1, enhanced serum *5, New Year ingots *150, mechanical materials – Level 1*3, Armor materials – level 1*3 Tips: You can give New Year picture fragments to your online friends, each gift can get 1000 Singapore dollars, a maximum of two gift boxes per day:Every night from January 31 to February 4 from 19:00 to 21:00, there will be a shower of Hope and Fu Fu Gift boxes from the sky of Happy 101 and camp.(Open the Gift box of Hope to obtain a large number of collection, crafting, combat proficiency, open the gift box of Fuhu to obtain spring Ingot *100, skill points *1200 and nano plastic I*1200) Each time after 10 minutes of sprinkling the gift box will stop for 1 minute, and then continue to sprinkle the gift box.(Mingming: I already have the gift box in a pot bag!)Tips: You can get a maximum of 3 gift boxes, and a maximum of 1 firework reignite gift boxes: From 3pm on January 31 to 6pm on February 6, you can go to Happy 101 or camp to get a signal gun at Karxi. Every night from 20pm to 22pm, you can equip a signal gun and set off signal flares at Happy 101 and camp.(The signal gun can only be used once, unused will be recycled after the event and returned in the form of new currency.) The first time you participate in the event, you will be awarded the cute Tiger commemorative pendant and exclusive title.Daily activities still can obtain fireworks renewed support package, the New Year piece 50 and bars * * 500 wear cute tiger pendant can promote 3% of acquisition, production and combat proficiency support package after opening, can acquire random Fei yunwu mountains wallpaper * 4, [Fei] the yunwu mountains ceiling * 4 * 4, [Fei] the yunwu mountains floor tile and the formula of residual page * 1000 a.This is the end of the Chinese New Year activities, what do the survivors think of this activity?Feel free to leave a comment below

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