Australia again big unlockout!The global epidemic is in its final phase, with the number of new cases down by nearly 20%

NSW has been planning a major unsealing, but this is happening faster than expected.Victoria has followed suit, announcing plans to unseal it.Just yesterday, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet announced that the state had lifted the lockdown early, and that from today, the state would relax some of its quarantine restrictions, including home-based work advice, population density restrictions and code scanning registration.NSW was forced to tighten some of its quarantine restrictions earlier this year because of the outbreak, but the restrictions will be eased as the outbreak subsides.From 18 February: · The 2 sq m/person rule will be removed, and only nightclub or festival events with more than 1,000 people will need to scan the code to register.Dancing and singing are allowed at all venues except music festivals.· Work from home recommendations will also change, with the state now leaving the decision to employers.· Masks will only be worn on public transport, aircraft, airports, hospitals, prisons, disabled and aged care facilities. Masks are recommended in other places.· Music festivals will also allow singing and dancing.As vaccination rates continue to improve and the outbreak improves, the Victorian government today also announced a further relaxation of restrictions.The goal is to get the economy back on its feet before the winter outbreak begins again!Just this morning, The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, declared: “The state of Victoria has gone one step further.Starting from 6pm this Friday: · The original public health distance restrictions will be lifted in Victoria, as will the ban on dance floors in entertainment venues.· The QR code registration policy has also been revised. Retail stores, schools and workplaces do not need to register again, while restaurants and entertainment venues will still have qr code registration. · The hotel quarantine period for unvaccinated international travelers will be shortened from 14 days to 7 days.In addition, the Government of Victoria plans to further unseal!The government said it was still discussing in detail the relaxation of mandatory masks for indoor use and the return to work after home work, with a decision expected by Next Friday.Among the changes Daniel Andrews says will be restrictions on overseas visitors.Mr Andrews has previously made it clear that international travellers wishing to enter Victoria must receive a third dose of the vaccine, but he may now have a change of heart.As well as tightening the needle rules, Victoria plans to relax restrictions this time around, allowing workers to remove face masks at the office and removing advice to work from home.The state government is in talks with business groups to revive the CBD and the industries that depend on its vitality.Density limits for the hospitality industry and a ban on dance floors are also under consideration.According to government insiders, Victoria is likely to follow NSW’s lead in lifting restrictions, which will encourage workers to return to the office and abolish the indoor mask ban on March 1.So far, the plans for Victoria to relax this time around are nothing more than speculation and no final confirmation.Many sources and social commentators believe that it is only a matter of time before Victoria’s lockdown is lifted. As the date of Guo jing’s full lockdown is drawing near, if Victoria fails to keep up with the pace of other regions in the epidemic control, it will only lose the opportunity for economic recovery.The number of new coronavirus cases around the world fell by nearly 20 per cent over the past week, the World Health Organisation said yesterday, in a positive sign that the Omicron-induced peak had peered off.Specifically, weekly new cases increased only in the Western Pacific region, while the rest showed declines;The biggest drop was in Southeast Asia, where new weekly cases fell 37 percent.Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO’s Africa director, said: “Even the current outbreak in Africa is stabilising and is on the verge of light.”Despite low vaccination rates, Africa has passed the turning point in this wave of epidemics.But he warned that the pandemic was not yet over and that it was too early for countries to think it might be over or even to declare it.The WHO also said it advised people in the UK to continue to wear face masks and maintain social distancing, even though countries such as the UK have lifted their quarantine measures.

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