Fgo Killing house with Hans Christian Andersen super sweet CP fan-fan-drawing Dio taste of Hans Christian Andersen than courtyard also seductive

In FGO, as a bunch of classic official authorized CP, the most typical one is the pair of Killing House and Hans Christian Andersen. This time, we specially bring the high-quality fan painting about them, which comes from the original drawing artist Pith_U. It has to be said that the mother artist’s understanding of these two can be said to be extraordinary level.Dio Andersen is more seductive than Yuan Yuan.First of all is the classic maid outfits, killing the maid maid style belongs to classic, can not cover up its slender long legs, hair style was divided into a Japanese Chinese niang steamed stuffed bun and stay Mao Wang that dish up hair two kinds of style, but obviously if maid properties, Hans Christian Andersen this blue hair more prominent and close to some,In contrast, the courtyard courtyard this maid shape is a little bit ordinary.Then came the nurse outfit and the cat and witch outfit. It has to be said that Andersen is really suitable for white socks, and the Slaughterhouse is also a perfect fit for this suit of nurses, especially the pink socks, as expected, only the slaughterhouse itself can be perfectly dressed and managed.The legs are too long, which makes the socks look almost the same as those in the middle tube. The classic black and white socks are still the main ones. Hans Christian Andersen wears the signature glasses, which makes it more unique.Then there is the fan picture of the girl Sakura who plays the magic card. The little killing house becomes the appearance of knowing the world, and Andersen looks similar to Wang Xiaoming on the surface, but in fact it should be small Sakura. You don’t say that this dress and Andersen are quite matched.Finally is a return to traditional nun clothing killing courtyard and Hans Christian Andersen, the two men match too collocation of black and white, but considering that the making of Hans Christian Andersen is come he is this dio smell is too strong, so every minute there is always a feeling of want to play, but have to say that the women’s clothing modelling of the Hans Christian Andersen, in fact more seductive than killing the court a lot.

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