The Environmental health service center of The Hui district carefully organizes the closed loop treatment of garbage collection and transportation in the enclosed community

In order to ensure the collection and transportation of domestic waste related to epidemic disease in quarantinable communities, the Environmental health service center of Hui Ethnic Areas has arranged special personnel, special buses and special lines to connect the whole chain of domestic waste in quarantinable communities.For the disposal of domestic garbage in key controlled and sealed communities, collect, transport and dispose of waste related to epidemic diseases in accordance with the technical requirements, and at the same time, do a good job of personnel protection, to ensure that the whole process of garbage cleaning and transportation without contact.The relevant garbage shall be eliminated before removal, and the equipment, personnel, vehicles and ground shall be eliminated according to the operation process after removal.After loading, the garbage will be cleared and transported to the incineration plant for special disposal through the green special line to prevent secondary pollution and strictly control the spread of viruses through the collection, transportation and disposal of household garbage, thus protecting the health of residents.

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