These scenic spots in Shanxi bloom during Lantern Festival

In this year’s Lantern Festival, tourists can enjoy lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and watch folk performances such as lion dancing, land boating and yangko dancing.On the day of the Lantern Festival, the activity of guessing lantern riddles will be held in taiyuan, the ancient town of Taiyuan. Tourists can participate in guessing lantern riddles and win a good gift.From February 14 to February 16, Taiyuan Fangte Oriental Painting Theme Park will continue to open until 22:00, continue to play “white + night” mode.In the park, the warm and romantic “Dream horse”, the popular “Fly with You”, the beautiful dream “Cowherd and Weaver Girl” and “Butterfly Lovers” are all must-check items for tourists.In addition, special drones will set sail again to light up the night sky.Tamtiehua project will also appear again, “starlight” flying all over the sky, beautiful shock detonated all, let tourists feel the thick festival atmosphere in the colorful park.The fifth Fenyang Jiajiazhuang Spring Dinosaur Lantern Festival is a popular place for tourists to punch in during the Spring Festival.The Lantern Festival will continue to accompany visitors during the Festival.There will also be a variety of folk performances for visitors to enjoy.It is worth mentioning that the lantern king “group fairy New Year” due to the ground to create, in the original rockery to build the Southern Tianmen lamp group, the whole lamp leader 33 meters, 15 meters high, tall and magnificent;The “Magic Pandora” lights show the beautiful scenery of the planet Pandora in the movie avatar, bringing visitors a time travel experience.According to the introduction, this year’s dinosaur Lantern Festival with Chinese traditional cultural elements as the creative core, divided into the Spring Festival na Fu area, folk customs area, water lighting group area, Jurassic World, fantasy Avatar, star system theme area, children’s animation area, silk Road area and other areas.Linfen Hongdong Da Locust Scenic Spot folk Chinese Year series activities will also continue until the Lantern Festival.Visitors can feel the national tide in hongdong big locust tree scenic spot, taste folk taste, enjoy the gorgeous lights.Source: Shanxi Daily

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