Heshan Town, Yangdong District: more than 4000 mu of abandoned farmland are all ploughed again

Heshan Town in Yangdong District actively explored new models to solve the problem of abandoned land. It introduced agricultural companies for the first time and adopted the “field nurse” type trusteing to make abandoned land hot and solve the problem of increased abandoned land better.Recently, reporters in the town of Liantang donghe village of a seasonal abandoned field to see, three tillage machines are at full speed back and forth reclamation land, the scene of the machine roaring, showing a busy scene of spring tillage.According to Huang Bochu, chairman of yangjiang Desert Yangxiang Agricultural Development Co., LTD., the company has advanced “field nanny” successfully managed cases in Dongping town, Hongfeng town, East of Yang.In the 200 mu abandoned field cooperated with Heshan Town, all hybrid rice is planted, and the whole process of rice planting, prevention, harvesting and other aspects of trusteing services, through advanced mechanized operation and management mode to improve the utilization rate and yield of farmland, it is expected to be able to harvest in 120 days.It is understood that the introduction of Yangjiang Moyangxiang Agricultural Development Co., LTD. “field nanny” type custody, to solve the donghe village due to seasonal abandoned field area of 200 mu, involving 158 households.The problem of seasonal wasteland loss caused by manpower and capital has been solved.By creating successful cases of “field nanny” type trusteeship, it provides better new agricultural concepts and professional knowledge for surrounding farmers, and better solves the problem of abandoned farmland increase.At present, heshan town due to seasonal abandoned farmland of more than 4000 mu, now all ploughing.(Credit: Southplus)

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