Linxia county: villagers informed congress for the non-governmental practical solution problem

This article is from:National journal Linxia insisting that villagers informed congress as a propaganda policies, clear political opinion, arouse the masses of endogenous power powerful fulcrum, in natural, social, normalized, multi-form villagers informed conference 632, participants in more than 58000 person-time, guide the masses grasp the, widely participate in village affairs,The party, the masses, the cadres, and the masses have strengthened their ties, gathering strong support from the people, their wisdom, and the hearts of the people, and laying a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and high-quality development.Take a comprehensible language, use facts to persuade tangible masses, and education among the masses and lead the masses in a timely manner the party’s claim, the guidelines and policies and major conference spirit the propaganda among the masses, improve the policy awareness, established the sense of the masses, listen to the party, DangEn, follow the party’s ideological consciousness and action.We respect people’s initiative and solicit opinions and suggestions on rural planning, industrial development, landscape transformation, project construction, community-level governance, and epidemic prevention and control. Up to now, 1,159 suggestions have been solicited, and 687 have been summarized and absorbed.Face to face with the masses, make friends, do everything possible to help the masses straighten out their emotions, open their hearts, resolve conflicts.

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