Which scenic spots are the most popular in Sichuan during the Spring Festival holiday?”39 big” circle again, Sanxingdui popularity doubled

Half way through the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, which scenic spots are the most popular?According to qunar Big Data Research Institute, more than 70 percent of tourists will go on short trips or outings during the Spring Festival holiday.In addition to snow and ice travel, outdoor forest parks and natural scenic spots are the most popular destinations.Sanya in Hainan province still tops the list of favorite places to visit during the Spring Festival in terms of ticket volume.Among the TOP20 hot scenic spots, sichuan has five scenic spots on the list thanks to its rich tourism resources.Data from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism show that the 695 A-level tourist attractions included in the statistics received 11.449 million tourists in four days and realized ticket revenue of 96.6972 million yuan.Compared with 654 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the cumulative number of visitors over the four days increased by 12.35% and the cumulative ticket revenue by 14.85%.Among them, aba prefecture, Ganzi Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture and Panzhihua city “three states and one city” carry out winter tourism in 150 Class A scenic spots, four days cumulative reception of 1.02 million tourists, realized ticket revenue of 3.5830 million yuan.Compared with 113 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the total number of visitors in the four days increased by 30.12%.An obvious phenomenon is that after appearing in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, sanxingdui bronze mask led the “39th National Congress” and then “out of the circle”.Four days before the Spring Festival holiday, Sanxingdui Museum again ushered in the visit boom, attracting a total of 45,400 tourists to feel the mysterious ancient Shu civilization, up 155.63% year on year, ticket revenue of 1.859,500 yuan, up 148.63% year on year;Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding received 33,400 tourists, up 216.79% year on year, and ticket revenue totaled 1,538,100 yuan, up 235.79% year on year.Jiuzhaigou scenic spot ticket revenue accumulated 626,500 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.37%.At the same time, experiencing snow and ice sports and enjoying sunshine hot spring have become the preferred health tourism projects during the Spring Festival holiday.Mount Emei, Wawu mountain and other scenic spots received more than 100 percent more tourists year-on-year.From the perspective of the four-day Spring Festival holiday in Mount Emei jinding, tourists mainly travel short Tours and around the city, and mainly travel by self-driving Tours with family groups or friends groups. Short-distance Tours to ancient towns, cultural and expo Tours, rural Tours and red Tours are preferred.Xichang City qionghai Qiongshan Scenic Area ranked first in the number of tourists in the first four days, receiving 235,000 visitors.Luodai Ancient Town, Chongzhou Jiezi Ancient Town, Langzhong Ancient Town and Huili Ancient Town have received more than 170,000 tourists.Zigong Dinosaur Museum received 44,200 visitors, up 150.53% year on year;Deng Xiaoping’s hometown tourist area has received 139,200 tourists in total.In addition, during this year’s Spring Festival, new technology has enhanced the appeal of night trips.Zigong Chinese lantern world scenic area, for example, launched five partitions, 14 theme new headlamp unit, in view of “zigong light, China’s annual” as the theme garden activities, through the central video, xinhua, weibo, trill platform to carry out the way of live, launch the JingYun view lamp, build a new play, immersive digital scenic spot customers effectively stimulated line descend,A total of 83,500 tourists have been received, with ticket revenue of 9.5364 million yuan.Red Star news reporter Li Yanqin original title: Spring Festival holiday half, which scenic spots are the most popular?Sanxingdui’s popularity doubles as China’s “39th National Congress” returnsThe national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT

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