If I was on the tip of your heart, he pushed her into the abyss, but he regretted “I was wrong…”

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!He pushes her into the abyss, but regrets “I was wrong…”The first book: “If I am on the tip of your heart” main content: “If I am on the tip of your heart” he pushed her into the abyss, but regret “I was wrong…”Highlight clip: “Madam…”Jane son hurriedly to help, a full face of desire to speak but stopped.”What else?Say!”Qin Yan immediately aware of wrong, tightly holding Jane son’s wrist, “say!””Tu Tong said…Let you give up the master bedroom for the second aunt…And you will lie on your side.”Jane said in a broken voice.And qin Yan heart bottom a melancholy, fingernail was immersed in meat deeply do not know!Marry two aunt too then just, he is so powerful man, Qin Yan does not crave and his life a pair of people.But always this house in the master bedroom, is the place where aunt too live!Where round get two aunt to hatoyama magpie nest!If this is true advocate lie to let come out, let her qin yan how to stand yan in this all government house!”No!I must find out what this is all about!”Qin Yan heart a horizontal, married into this house in January, the first time to the du tong room!”Zi Yang, you just want to piss me off?”Before entering the door, he heard the old lady’s angry voice and shouted, “You married Qin Yan for only one month. According to the rules, even if you want to marry two aunts, it must be half a year later!How else can you ask Qin Yan to be a man in this dutong mansion?Let a person see a joke!”(Click below online free reading) the second: “will be wrong, president lure love wen Wan wife” highlights: “thank you!”Wen Wan feels so quite good instead, the vibration that feels mobile phone, Wen Wan tao comes out a look, the question mark of full screen and exclamation mark, even if bold and straightforward be like mu qing, accept the condition now hard!She sighed.”What’s the matter?Yun Han Qing glanced at Wen Wan.Wen Wan hurriedly shook her head and put away her cell phone. “No…Nothing…”She found a hole in the ground to go into the psychological, dare to mention it again!Yun Hanqing continued his topic, “since it is because of accident and go wrong, we should be fate, continue how?”Wen Wan, who had been drinking water, had not expected yun Han Qing’s words. She choked and coughed and showed no sign of stopping.Wen Grabbed the glass of water and took two swips of it. Finally, she felt better. Wen looked down at the table in embarrassment.Yun Hanqing very gentlemanly cut the steak gently and pushed it in front of her. Then he cut himself and said, “Answer my question when you have finished coughing.”Did not wait for wen wan answer, listen to a voice of dia sounded, “Cloud total, long time no see!”She raised her head, and then her brow involuntarily twisted up, of course, the other party is the same expression, “Oh, rare ah!Wen wan, have a good day!”Wen Wan looked at the expressionless Yun Han Qing and forced a smile, “Hello!SuiYue.”She was Jie’s sister. The world is so small, Wen wan thought.(Click below to read it for free online.) Book 3: Love of My Life: Making Mistakes as Often as PossibleLing Geyao has been an optimistic person since her childhood due to her special growing environment.The struggle did not last long, but by the time breakfast was over she had recovered herself.Shi Xiangqian and her relative silence after breakfast, got up and set out for the company.She was alone in the vast villa, which was now empty.He looks lonely and lonely.Ling Geyao suddenly feel bored, pondering, decided to go to Find LAN Jingxue.Still driving the same car yesterday, but today’s speed is slow and slow.The bottom line is…It was Ling Ge Yao who hurt her back last night.Easy road driving to the gate of the community.He said hello to the security guard and swaggered in.LAN Jingxue opened the door seems to have some meng, it seems that recently song Yao to find their number of a little more.But she was also happy to be alone with Ling.So this guy didn’t even ask why, but he welcomed him through the door.He pushed her into the abyss, but he regretted “I was wrong…”Above is today xiaobian to bring you wonderful books, I hope you like it, and then add more attention and collection oh, there are fans have opinions and views can also be put forward in the comment area, xiaobian together with you to discuss about the good novels and wonderful story!

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