“Sky-high wife: president I want to divorce” Lu CEO coveted Su Shallow for many years, only possession

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Small make up recommend everyone today: gao gan: “I want divorce wife: for President” CEO covets lu su light for many years, only have # drought # first refused to books: “flash marriage agreement” author: at the top of the line by cloud’s brief introduction: he, with the identity of the proud and honourable handsome appearance, evil cold, sometimes gentle and sometimes cold, weirdo one!Pit guide: “Of course!”Oriental proud xuan deep eyes looked into jia Jing Jing the same deep pupil.”I think I need a marriage!”Jia Jingjing faint way.”So?”The same tone of indifference.”If you think like me, I think we can be a couple.”Jia Jing Jing connect way.”You want to marry me?”Oriental proud xuan disdain a smile.Jia Jing jing did not ignore the Oriental proud xuan disdain, but she still do not care, “I just need a marriage, if you don’t mind, we can do a nominal husband and wife.East proud xuan eyes flashing sharp light, indifferent way, “what mean?”Gu Jingjing calm to the east of the proud eyes, said, “after marriage, you can live the same as before, mistress had other sons and daughters who can package, I absolutely will not interfere in your life is, of course you also can’t interfere in my life, I will try to play your wife’s role, between us is just that a piece of the provisions of the marriage certificate.”Oriental ao Xuan eyes flashing, closely staring at Jia Jing Jing, way, “do you often attend a party like tonight?”Jia Jing Jing’s vision an an, then way, “yes, I tired, tired, they don’t want to find someone to marry me?Isn’t that easy?”Oriental proud xuan can feel jia Jing Jing body reveals the helpless and disdain.”Ding”, the elevator stopped on the first floor, the door opened slowly, Jia Jing Jing strode out, without looking back straight across the hall, walked out of the hotel.”Is the chief leaving?”The same valet immediately came up to him.”Well, bring my car around, please!”Jia Jing Jing face expressionless way.”Ok, please wait a moment!”The valet immediately ran to the garage to get the car.East proud xuan stand straight behind Jia Jing Jing, a face of deep thought.And Jia Jing Jing also does not speak, two people stand so dry.Soon, the valet pulled up.Jia Jing Jing walked to the car side, just turned to the East proud xuan way, “I hope you think about it, if you think about the result, you can give me a phone call.”Then he took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Dongfang Ao Xuan. “This is my contact information!”East proud xuan black eyebrow one pick, reach out to take over, repeatedly see, pinch in the hand, cold and clear way, “why do you want to do so?””Why?”Jia Jing Jing murmuring way, thought thoughtfully, then put the hat in the hand back, the whole finishing dress, went forward.Why is that?Jia shrugged her head with a smile, pulled open the door, started the car, smiled at Oriental Ao Xuan and said, “Think about it, I’m only 26 years old!I haven’t had enough fun yet!So I can get married and have kids, stay at home and be a housewife?Die!”Say that finish driving and go, very natural and unrestrained simply!Fart to get married!Men, in two words!Brutal!Arrogance!”Not enough?Haven’t you had enough fun?”Oriental proud xuan meaningful looked at Jia Jing Jing disappeared figure, mouth raised a shallow radian, then took out a mobile phone, still inside mom and dad made a phone call, close the line, hand recruit parking younger brother come over.’Mr. East!”Go and help me get my car!””Be!”Silver and black Ferrari soon appeared at the door, Oriental proud xuan to sit on the driver’s seat, start the car, driving a high wind ferrari, the same wind away.The stars are very bright tonight, the black endless sky, the stars, gorgeous beautiful, bustling city, neon lights flashing, the streets of BMW Benz flowing, people on both sides of the sidewalk, the summer breeze blowing gently, let a person very enjoy, very relaxed.(click the following link to read the novel) the second: “sky-high concubine: president I want to divorce” author: sky-high face cream introduction: Gao Gan: “sky-high concubine: President I want to divorce” Lu CEO covets Su Shallow for many years, only have possession!Su shallow from the young began to like Qi Chen, married for two years, want to cover the heat of qi Chen’s heart idea more and more faded into the pit guide: “good fast eat, don’t play the mobile phone.”Su Shallow filled a bowl of soup in front of Su Chenyu.”I’m Posting it on moments, right now!”Su Chen-yu took chopsticks in one hand and his mobile phone in the other hand, and when he saw someone mention Qichen, he “conveniently” deleted the comment.(Huo Lishi:……)”Sister, you really want to move on?Don’t like Qichen anymore?”Su Chen-yu tucked in a piece of sauteed cucumber. “MMM, delicious.””You look so hopeless. Haven’t you ever eaten?”Su Chenyu smiled, just in front of Su Shallow su Chenyu would be so relaxed, who would have thought that now this silly smile little milk dog is the legendary Chen Xing media never accept the hidden rules of the cold CEO.Sue gave her silly brother a simple look: “chatty.””Oh sister, tell me if you really don’t want Qichen anymore!”Su Chenyu looked forward to it.”Alas, say don’t like affirmation is false, like so long, which can say forget forget, just I tired, don’t want to turn around him again, all nine years he still didn’t like top me, good failure……”Su Qian lowered her eyes and poked her chopsticks into her bowl of rice, feeling depressed.Su Chenyu see Su shallow so lost, the in the mind afflict dead, he ever let her receive such grievance, “Qi Chen is a man who cheat and play with female feelings, don’t deserve you at all!The number of outstanding handsome boy in za upper circle you do not want, must qi Chen, although……Qichen is really very fierce, grow……I’m a little inferior to your brother, and that’s okay, but I’ve got a lot better than him!Tied to his crooked neck for life!””Who, if you can name five better than him I will remarry immediately.”Su shallow drank the soup also baji baji mouth, a lot better mood.Su Chenyu leng once, did not think of return true be asked to live, so a think, return true can’t say 5 than Qi Chen outstanding, Su Chenyu dark scold, this Qi Chen so outstanding stem, not still cheat Dally with female affection of man, cut, “that……That huo home that elder brother two not quite handsome of, a small milk dog a small Wolf dog, want what kind of not line?””That’s the Qichen brothers. Am I crazy enough to go after them?”Su shallow white again own brother one eye.”That my company still have a lot of small handsome boy, family good also have, just took the best new person award that fan……Fan Yu!Little turtle, only 20, handsome and gold……”Su Chenyu tried to think of his company who can match su shallow.”I was afraid his fans would drown me.Well, I don’t want to be in a relationship now. I want to be an actor. I still have a lot to learn.You, on the other hand, are too old to be in a relationship?Is there a girl you like?”Su shallow dish up a leg to a face gossip ground looking at Su Chenyu.”Women are troublesome, don’t want to talk about, can’t meet better than you don’t talk about.”Su Chen-yu has a proud look on her face.”Who said women trouble, girls are the most lovely and kind-hearted animals in the world, you don’t outside all day long with a cold face, girls have scared away.”Su Shallow education way.”Good good I know, fast have a meal fast have a meal!”Su qian looked at the dishes on the table. The scene of two people having a warm meal at home had almost never happened since their marriage. Qichen even went home a few times, but she still wanted to know what Qichen was doing and whether she was eating well.Indeed, Qichen did not eat well.The half-hour drive from the office back to The Sulli Guan mansion took only 15 minutes. At the driver’s seat, Qichen realized how easily his proud self-control had broken. He slammed the steering wheel, put his foot on the gas, and turned the car around for the wilderness bar.After drinking one cup of liquor after another, Qichen became unconscious, but his face was cold and his eyes were still sharp. He looked as if he had just drunk some water. He took out his cell phone and called Tang Cheng, “Come out to drink.””What?What time is it?”Tang cheng looked at his watch.”Doo-doo……””Hang up?!”Tang was a face meng force, suddenly thought of Su Chenyu hair circle of friends, suddenly realized, ha ha ha, this goods finally not calm, hurriedly call a few other good brothers, a crowd secretly about good to see Qi Chen’s joke.(click on the following link to read the novel) the third: “rebirth of 60 good wife space” author: Thirteen Changan introduction: A city Yan live A good figure of small fresh meat people know that the wealth list ranked the eighth female rich Song Xiaoyue has always been A deal or A daughter.Song Xiaoyue calm down, she bent down to pick up the cotton seed I do not know when to fall out of the pocket, and smiled at the feet of the black earth.This space and how much can take, to try to see it..She doesn’t read novels, but some of the younger women in the company do, and hear some of them.In some novels, the main character takes the space and climbs to the top of the world.Song Xiaoyue silly stood for a while, she had thought in this magical space can grow up in seconds, apparently overestimated the tone.”How silly of me.”Song Xiao Yue a clap thigh.Cotton seeds are not directly sown, but to soak with warm water for about half an hour, then remove the asphalt, and then mix with dry grass ash can be sown.She really went back to life and forgot all about being a farmer!Besides, no matter how magical the land in this space is, I’m afraid it can’t violate biological laws and grow up immediately.Song Xiaoyue no longer persistent cotton seed, but began to wander around, she found this place is not a barren, in addition to two small rooms also found a well.The well and the village well were granite, with clear water and a cool breeze. As a farmer, she could tell at a glance that it was a living well drawing water.The water…Can I drink it?Song Xiaoyue cancer courage, again out of the space.She had wanted to go home to take a gourd, but just arrived at the door heard Song Weimin’s daily voice.Song Xiaoyue heard a queasy, turned to go in the opposite direction, she is going to the village famous’ haunted house ‘village there is an old house, before playing little Japan when someone lost his life here, after I don’t know who first spread around the house to see the ghost, one after another spread the uproar.Now there is only one old lady named Sue living here.This was not a poor old lady living in isolation. The production captain had warmly invited her to live in a bright and spacious house provided by the production team, but the old lady did not want to.Production captain have to coax the old lady is the big man in the village, the old lady’s boss, the son is full of contributory characters, then publicly praised, there are MEDALS!And the old lady used to be in charge of communications, and she did a lot of work, so this is a glorious home.Song Xiaoyue was wandering around, humiliated by the village, almost starved to death at the door of the old lady.It was Mrs. Su who gave her a hot meal. Unlike other villagers, she did not say harsh words, but she was not enthusiastic. She regarded Song Xiaoyue as a stranger.All the people in the village are afraid of Sue, Song Xiaoyue is also afraid, but she is too greedy can shelter from the wind and rain eaves, also eager for someone to be able to treat her as a person.She carefully stay in Sue old lady home, take the initiative to shoulder the task of chopping wood and carrying water to cook.Mrs. Su never thanked her, but she did not ask her to leave because the ‘haunted house’ was on the edge of the village for seven or eight days without anyone noticing it.One day Sue was choking on sputum, song Xiaoyue saved Sue.Sue wake up after the faint looking at Song Xiaoyue half ring, suddenly way: “to carry water.”Two people close to the family, this sentence is undoubtedly the default Song Xiaoyue can live here permit.In this village, Sue’s home is Song Xiaoyue’s safe haven!She strode over to Mrs. Su’s house, knocked three times and called happily, “Grandma Su, I’m here to see you.”(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, small make up can see oh, look forward to your message ~ past period wonderful content review: Gao Gan wen: “Cheng Shao’s power wife” she visited her relatives, was lovesickness into the disease king picked up: miss you!Pet, the generation of marry a little wife is very crazy cry see generation, meeting the bride marry little package, war raven, drowned, waiting for you for a long time the imperial princess she relies on the crime “imperial triumphant day, broken by her innocence, boiling the whole Beijing” starlight to prison if love “his eyes scarlet pinched her neck: Edward Matthew Tracy who allowed you to warm the paranoia in mid stick my addiction” crazy: he stressed on elder sister my uncle is old, I’m right

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