There is a cat in your well

During the reign of Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty, there was a rich young merchant named Xiao Yi in Huaiyang. He was kind and simple. Every year, he would open a barn to release grain and help poor people, so he was loved by the people.Such a good man, but he has a bad son.Xiao Yi married a villager named Yuan at the age of 25 and had a son named Xiao Wenfu at the age of 30.The husband and wife are very kind to their son.Xiao Yi due to busy business, accompany to teach his son’s time is not much, can only use money to make up for the lack of father’s love son.Eighteen years passed in the blink of an eye, and my son Wenfu also grew up.Can let Xiao Yi did not expect is that Wenfu never learn, all day idle, follow a group of friends to drink wine, but also a big cause, bullying the weak.Xiao Yi hate iron does not become steel, want to teach him but were stopped by his wife Yuan.Then there was no way, Xiao Yi also opened up, he told his son, as long as he did not commit crimes, what he was happy, he no longer asked, but the monthly pocket money, spent is not allowed to want.Wen Fu was reluctant, but he did not dare to disobey his father, so he agreed.Without money, Wenfu quieted down a lot, Xiao Yi continued to work.In the spring Seng, Xiao Yi was going to the capital to talk about a big business deal. He might not come back for ten days or half a month.He left his wife and children a large sum of money and told his wife to take good care of wen Fu.Having arranged everything, he left home.After more than half a month, xiao Yi returned home to deal with the business, but as soon as he entered the door, he smelled a strong smell of herbs.The yard was filled with POTS of medicine, big and small, and half a dozen servants were squatting before the fire, cooking with fans.Xiao Yi thought who was seriously ill and rushed into the house.At that time was the hot summer June, but his wife’s room was unusually cold, Xiao Yi could not help but play a cold war.Yuan shi was lying on the bed, covered with a thick quilt and with a stove in front of him.Still, she was shivering with cold.Just then, the son walked in wearing a heavy padded coat. He was about to open his mouth when he sneezed. The servant saw this and reached for a hot water bottle.See winter clothes summer wear wife and children, Xiao Yi a face meng, after a query to know.It turned out that shortly after Xiao Yi left, Yuan and Wenfu fell ill.Their faces were pale, their lips were purple, they were cold, and they looked as if they had fallen into a hole in the ice.In addition, several of your servants also fell ill with the same symptoms as Yuan and Wenfu.At first they thought it was heat and cold, but they only felt cold without sweating or fever. It was more like real cold than illness.Seven or eight doctors came and went, and a dozen prescriptions were written, but the condition of mother and son did not improve.Xiao Yi listened to his face slightly changed, looking at his wife and children shivering with cold, a time also made difficult.At this time, the housekeeper quietly gathered up to its ear words a few words, Xiao Yi after listening to nod again and again, then followed him to leave the house.The next day, Xiao had a bowl of uncooked rice scooped out and placed in the sun.After three days in the sun, he took advantage of the rain to catch some rain, steamed rice with the rain, and let his wife and son eat it.Miraculously, after eating this bowl of rice, the wife and son’s strange disease was miraculously cured.Originally, the housekeeper guess two people should be evil, and his family has a relative is just a spirit woman, specializing in dealing with this matter, Xiao Yi listened to, then followed the housekeeper found the spirit woman, and asked the solution.Ling Po understand the ins and out of things, guess mother and son should be Yin qi invasion of the body, leading to Yin Sheng Yang will feel cold.Once a person’s Yang qi is insufficient, there is no problem at first, but over time, it will be killed.Lingpo told him that if you want to supplement Yang qi, put the rice in the sun for three days, and then steam it with rootless water. The so-called rootless water is rain.After eating this bowl of rice, the Yang qi in the human body will suddenly increase, and there should be no problem.Looking at the recovery of his wife and children, Xiao Yi is very happy, this thought it was over, did not expect everything just began.Soon after his wife and children recovered, all the servants fell ill one by one, just like Yuan and Wenfu.Xiao Yi side of the arrangement of rice just cured the disease, his wife and son relapsed again, and before long, he was also caught.Xiao Yi felt wrong, asked his wife and children whether there is something to hide from himself.In the face of Xiao Yi’s inquiry, mother and son looked at each other and shook their heads to deny.No way, Xiao Yi had to go to the outside of the city invited a Taoist help.The Taoist priest, after learning the situation, frowned slightly: “Since all the people in your house are suffering from such a strange disease, it should have something to do with the drinking water in your house!”Then, the Taoist priest led Xiao Yi and others came to the backyard of the old well.The old well was built before Xiao Yi came to live in the house, and dozens of family members ate water from the well.The Taoist priest went to the mouth of the well, bent down to look in, and saw the well was filled with Yin. After playing a bucket of water, the water was cold and bitter, and there was a faint smell.In that case, there must be something wrong with the water.The priest drew out a spell and folded it into the shape of a frog.Then he piped his hands together and uttered the words. The frog came to life and jumped into the water.When the incense stick was half burned, the frog made of the charm jumped out of the well, and the Taoist priest pricked up his ears.I don’t know what the frog said to the Taoist Priest. His face changed slightly and his brow became Sichuan characters. Then he pointed to the well and said, “Master Xiao, there is a cat in your well.Xiao Yi listened to the face slightly changed, immediately life under the well salvage.Soon, a drowned black cat was fished out. Yuan shi and Wen Fu were shocked but soon calmed down.Taoist priest or turned to look at the two people: “the cat corpse soul, it seems that there is another catch.So tonight I called the Cat Ghost back and asked her what was going on.But at that time, a man’s soul will turn into a terrible ghost, and he will seek revenge on his enemies. Even poor roads will not be able to stop him!”Wen Fu and Yuan shi, who were standing by, were already sweating with fear.Finally, 2 people worry about revenge of evil ghost, had to explain all the truth.Originally in Xiao Yi away from home this time, Wenfu had a crush on a girl.The girl is the daughter of the town dim sum vendor and is very pretty.Wenfu came upon her drunk one night and forcibly took her home and put her in the woodshed to defile her.As a result, the girl resisted desperately, and her black cat followed the scent to its owner and bit Wenfu.Wen Fu was so angry that he stunned the cat with a stick and strangled the girl to death.Afterwards, Fearing exposure, Wen Fu told his mother, Yuan Shi.Yuan shi protect son heart cut, incredibly secretly transported the corpse outside the city, hastily buried, destroy corpse disappear trace.Can let two people did not think of is, the girl’s soul unexpectedly attached to the black cat body.In order to revenge, the girl controls the black cat to jump into the well and pollute the well water with her anger, wanting to take this to kill Yuan and Wenfu.After learning the truth, Xiao Yi grief and indignation, he how also can’t think of, oneself unexpectedly gave birth to such a bastard trifle.In the face of his wife and children crying, Xiao Yi did not softhearted, the law of the state, the family has family rules, he took two people came to the government to surrender, let them be punished.After the end of the matter, the Taoist priest over the girl’s soul, Xiao Yi is sold, away from home, never come back.

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