While making money, the post-90s are being educated by the market

Spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy 1314 funds, the investment story of a young people sparked a wide discussion, young people’s “fancy” financial management eye-opening.At present, the post-90s have quietly become a new force of fund management.From the “New Year” to “falling mother”, the fund market in the past year, the ups and downs, so that many young people feel the wealth ups and downs of the “heartbeat experience”.They are not only keen on raising basis, but also keen on stocks, coins and shoes, etc. Post-90s investors are “money” all the way in the baptism of the market.Reporters and a few post-90 investors chat.Young man’s purse, how’s it going?Graph/chart worm creative article | Wu Lihua this article reprinted from WeChat public, “national financial magazine” (ID: ENNWEEKLY), the original starting on January 30, 2022, the original title of “a group of 90 after experiencing the baptism of the capital market”.1. From “raising base” to stock trading: Song Xiao, who was born in 1992 and lost his fortune with strength, began to make fund investment when he was a sophomore in 2011. Later, he experienced huge losses in stock trading, and recently returned to buying bank financing and fund investment.”The joke that ‘luck makes money, but strength loses it’ is a true story to me.”She said.Song Xiao is a girl who has the sense of investment and financial management very early. She started to make fixed investment in her sophomore year. She took out 400 yuan to buy two funds every month.The reason has this kind of idea, because at that time the cost of living is relatively well-off, a month has at least 3000 yuan, thinking how much can develop the habit of savings, and the introduction of the bank’s financial manager at that time, cast just have this function, and then she developed the habit of cast, until now.After working in 2015, with the increase of salary, EVERY month fixed deposit 6000 to 10,000 yuan, because it is bound to the fixed investment account and wage card, automatic deduction every month, the money has been lying in the account, and even forgot.”Later, my family needed money, so I took a look at the fixed investment account, and found that there were more than 200,000 yuan!And then I took it out and gave it to my family and I was happy and forgot about it and it looked like I had picked it up.”She said.Song attributes her success to luck, while her stock experience has not been so lucky.In 2017, she listened to a friend’s recommendation and bought four stocks. After three years of holding, only one stock made more than 20,000 yuan, while the rest lost more than 30%.She summed up their own stock speculation experience, in addition to just enter the market one or two years, hit new shares signed to earn a little money, other losses are not small.Song Xiao told reporters, the idea at that time is to buy the fund is also in disguise to buy stocks, but also to give money to others to manage, fund companies also burst from time to time sitting zhuang, mouse storehouse and other shady, it is better to buy their own stocks directly.In 2020, because of job changes, her into a wealth management company to come into contact with the stock investment professionals found that whether the investment manager, investment research team or other jobs, mostly in the form of harvard graduates, higher education professionals, and they work strength is very big, in addition to working time, weekend time has also been more information industry, constantly to obtain information,”It’s no exaggeration to say there are no days off.”This experience changed her perception of investment greatly, and she thought that “the stock is really not suitable for ordinary people without professional knowledge to play”.So she came to her senses and emptied her stock account and put her money mainly into bank accounts and funds.Bring a certain fund sales platform The Xinhua News Agency Emily “taken the stand or fall of fund performance test is the professionalism of the fund manager, knows eggs into different baskets, fund is actually put eggs in, again on a different basket, a fund manager by selecting different plate and the circuit of stock as a way to spread the risk.”She said.Song Xiao thinks, if fund manager strength is stronger, buy fund or can get more considerable income.However, she also came to an experience, buy funds must be held for a long time, after all, through 2-3 years of holding, in order to smooth fluctuations.Experienced market ablution, song Xiao’s result is: make money do not be urgent, impatient can not eat hot tofu.Ji Xiaoyin was born in 1995 and majored in finance. In the first half of 2015, seeing the stock market continue to rise, he and his classmates rushed into the stock market with their living expenses.When the market 4000 points go in, to 5000 points when he made a small fortune, but very soon the market all the way down, put in 20 thousand yuan, to clear the warehouse when already deficient go in 10 thousand yuan.He concluded that the reason for his bad start was to follow the trend, following big V to buy a stock once lost 55%.Since then, small print no longer believe the so-called big V, but with the seniors to buy some hot money tickets skyrocketing and plummeting.But discover such investment means risk is bigger subsequently, the requirement of buying and selling opportunity is too high, as small come loose he can’t grasp buying and selling opportunity at all, earn small earn, loss is huge loss.After receiving the lesson, Ji Xiaoyin turned to value investment from the beginning of 2021. Through his own study and research, he looked for individual stocks with low p/E ratio and high ROE and firmly bought and held them without interference from short-term stock price fluctuations and external factors.But that seems to be an ideal situation, as he admits that even though he has studied carefully selected stocks, he still can’t hold them. He usually thinks long term and plays short term, can’t help but want to trade, and thus misses a lot of profit opportunities.In fact, chasing up to kill down, frequent operation is actually a large part of the common faults of retail investors.Ji Xiaoyin told reporters that he lived with a roommate into the market is 200,000 equity, but also add leverage, bought a dozen stocks, add a lot of stock groups.Just like when he first entered the market, he would buy whatever others recommended, and operate it every day. Four and a half million accounts, over the course of a year, can be worth 10 million accounts of others.However, this roommate is not the most aggressive investor. In the most extreme case, a friend of his bought a BMW while gambling bitcoin. However, before the loan was paid off, bitcoin plunged and he had to sell his car again.Zhu Feng, 27, is an expert at making money in the eyes of his colleagues. He can win a lot of money by opening a market, buying funds, frying coins and hitting new bonds.His most legendary investment is to buy coins. With the recommendation of a friend, he bought Musk’s dogmoney with goods, and the profit exceeded 10 times once after entering several thousand yuan. However, he did not sell at that time and saw the profit fly away.The same regrets apply to his fund’s investments.In March 2020, he began to buy funds to invest, and for the rest of 2020, he will invest a fixed amount of money into the fund every month.In 2020, the stock market as a whole is up, out of a small bull market.Stimulated by the money-making effect, from the second half of 2020, “raising funds” became a hot topic, fund managers once became the stars favored by young people, a large number of investors followed the hot search to buy funds, and even a number of “daylight basis” appeared in the market.In 2020, more than 3 trillion yuan of new public offering funds were added, bringing the total size to 18 trillion yuan, a five-year high.In March 2020, Zhu Feng entered the market, the fund account also once floating surplus more than 20%.However, the capital market is changing rapidly. After the Spring Festival of 2021, the A-share market began to adjust, and the investors born after 1990, who once sent fund managers to the hot search and acclaimed them as “love beans”, lost the “falling mother” at the beginning of the year.Although Zhu Feng enters the bureau earlier, but finally also just “bought a lonely”.Zhu Feng, who pursues rational investment and holds the concept for a long time, began to reflect on his investment strategy after “the duck in hand flies again” twice.All the time, investors were taught to be friends with time and to hold valuable investments for the long term, but he found that it was important to study the market and the corresponding investments, not only to have a sense of stop losses, but also to have a sense of stop profits, otherwise you would feel like you lost your money.Perhaps because the long-term investment has repeatedly missed profit, Zhu Feng told reporters that he is studying the stock, ready to enter the market, this time he is ready to fry short term, fast in and out.Born in 1993, 28-year-old Li Ting has nearly six years of investment experience, including banking, funds and stocks. These investments account for about 60% of her total savings.Li Ting started investing and financing early. One reason was that she began to earn money from her job, so financing became a necessity.Secondly, because of the influence of family members, family members made a lot of money in stock trading, especially in new shares, and they were affected to join the army of investors.As for whether to make money, she admitted that last week was still a small loss, but because of the recent days to buy hot subject stocks rose, this week in a small profit.Li Ting said that she is a rational investor, and she attaches great importance to risk diversification. The amount of investment in bank finance, funds and stocks is roughly in a ratio of 40 to 30.In her opinion, wealth management earns basically stable and risk-free returns. Funds have certain risks, but they are relatively controllable, because they are operated by professionals in essence.And stock risk is bigger, but the risk and income are proportional to, perhaps can bo of a few board trading limit, perhaps new shares in sign to make a fortune.After six years of experience in the market, Li Ting has been educated by the market, and her risk awareness has been deeply rooted in her heart. Her financial management methods and concepts have changed greatly.At the beginning, I just copied homework and bought everything recommended by my family and friends. At the same time, I had a weak risk tolerance and was afraid of risks.With the increase of investment experience, she continues to learn, but also summed up her own “investment secrets”, eight key points to choose a fund, such as looking at the fund company, the stability of the fund manager, investment style, research fund holdings and so on.When a position fund falls hard, even if it is prepared to hold for the long term, it will analyze the logic of its fall and imagine how to operate in the future.In Li Ting’s opinion, investment and financial management for the post-90s and even younger generations is not only a way of “making money”, but also a way of life and social needs.Almost none of her peers are not involved in any investment and financial management. They start to speculate in stocks and foundations, or even currency, shoes and blind boxes after work or even during school.Exchange investment experience, recommend investment products to each other, earned together hi, lost together “cry”, has become an essential topic of communication at ordinary times.Some young people are so keen on finance and investment, liddy thinks, on the one hand is the age of them grow up is a mobile Internet and financial era of rapid development of science and technology, people move finger can be 10 yuan fund, brush face online accounts to buy shares, the people around you are pursuing money, most of young people can accept new things, of course, more positive;On the other hand, the concept of maintaining and increasing wealth, allowing money to outpace inflation, and earning “after-sleep income” is popular among young people, making the post-90s a group of people who spend and spend aggressively.(Names changed at the request of the interviewer)

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