Bocog: pay tribute to every volunteer and hero behind the Games

The 13th regular press conference of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is held at the main media Center of Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 17, 2018.The press conference, co-hosted by Ioc spokesman Mark Adams and BoCOG spokesman Yan Jiarong, focused on the behind-the-scenes volunteers of the Games.Teng Shengping, director of the Volunteer Department of boCOG, Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and control Office of BOCOG, and Wei Yining, a volunteer of the Beijing Winter Olympics attended the ceremony.Volunteers are the best name card of the City of Double Olympic Games, said Yan Jiarong, volunteers have been smiling to convey goodwill, with professional expression of responsibility.”The volunteers of 2008 impressed the world.Today, these blue figures are the best name cards of the Double Olympic City.”From 2008 to 2022, the spirit of volunteerism has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and volunteerism has been integrated into all areas of social life.”In Yan’s opinion, “The Olympics not only left us landmark buildings and better development of the city, but also these ‘silent’ voluntary fashion and social civilization.This is the intangible legacy of the Winter Olympics, which gives birth to the hope and future of the Olympics.”A wonderful Winter Olympics is inseparable from the wonderful performances of athletes and the contributions of behind-the-scenes heroes, including volunteers.Yan said there are many heroes behind the Games, such as epidemic prevention doctors, ski doctors and translators, who are active in every corner of the Games.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first global multi-sport event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19,” she said.Its organization and operation, not only need strong leadership and organization coordination, but also need one after another professional level of the behind-the-scenes heroes.I want to salute every winter Olympics participant, you are all heroes behind the camera.””More than 18,000 volunteers have been recruited for the Games, of which 63 percent are from Beijing, 12 percent from Yanqing, 25 percent from Zhangjiakou, and 94 percent are under the age of 35,” said Teng shengping.”All the volunteers receive systematic training before starting their service,” she said.”The Volunteer home is the first of its kind in The History of the Olympic Games.””The work of volunteers for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is quite different from that of volunteers for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,” Teng said when asked.They faced challenges like COVID-19, the special nature of snow and ice sports, and travelling back and forth between three divisions, but all of those issues were well addressed at the Games.”Wei yining said that her volunteer experience in the Beijing Winter Olympics is very precious to her and will benefit her whole life. “I have learned from the media about professionalism and efficiency, and from the athletes about focus and hard work, which has deeply influenced me.As the Olympic motto says, we are marching towards a future of ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger and more united’, and I am willing to work for this goal and do my part.””The fact that there were no cases of infection or contact in the volunteer population speaks volumes about the quality of the selected volunteers,” Huang said.They have carefully studied the epidemic prevention manual and strictly implemented the epidemic prevention measures.They are in very good spirits at the moment.I have every confidence in the next phase of their work.”Xinhua News Agency, AGence France-Presse and other Chinese and foreign media also expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for their hard work.(Photo by Liang Lina and Wang Mengru on the official website of BoCOG)

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