I’m sorry I didn’t show my ability

At 9:30 am on February 6th, the first stage of the team figure skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place in the women’s single short program.Zhu Yi, 19, was China’s first player and finished with 47.03 points.This is zhu Yi’s first Time to participate in the Olympic Games, today’s competition showed that she wanted to fight, she tried to open the Filippo triple axel after the outside point ice triple axel, which was more difficult than the technical dance in Italy, but unfortunately failed.In the post-match interview, zhu yi was visibly depressed. “I really wanted to show my ability to everyone, but IT’s a pity that I didn’t do it. I feel sad that I didn’t contribute to the team,” she said.Zhu also expressed his gratitude to every member of the Chinese team, “they always accompany me and encourage me.”This article is written by: Beijing Daily Editor: Lu Xiaochuan Photo source: Xinhua News Agency photo editor: Yong Kai

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