The Hohhot Central Support of the People’s Bank of China has implemented a large-scale VAT tax rebate policy in Inner Mongolia

This net news reporter Liang Hongliang correspondent Gao Fei Li Ang reported on April 1, people’s Bank of Horqin Left wing Back banner sub-branch Treasury Department for Tongliao City Fudaxing Silica sand Co., Ltd. successfully handled 3934.6 yuan of refunds business, marking the large-scale value-added tax policy to stay against the tax rebate smoothly landed in Inner Mongolia.As the “last link” of the implementation of the VAT retention against tax rebate policy, the Treasury Department of the People’s Bank of China mainly returns the Treasury business submitted by the tax department in accordance with the policy provisions and with complete and accurate information after examination, and directly transfers the tax refund to the taxpayer’s bank account.The Hohhot Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China attaches great importance to this issue. Based on the overall situation, the central Branch of the People’s Bank of China Hohhot carefully organizes, strengthens its responsibility, takes the initiative, and pays close attention to the implementation at all levels to ensure the effective, orderly and effective progress of all work.The Hohhot Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China strengthened horizontal linkage with the finance and taxation departments of the Autonomous Region, worked together to smooth the policy transmission mechanism, and jointly agreed to refine the implementation plan and work measures for withholding tax rebates;Establish data sharing mechanism, timely understand the allocation of special funds, tax rebate plan and inventory status;Establish a vertical coordination mechanism, guide the regional Treasury at all levels to plan in advance and resonate with the same frequency, require simultaneous adjustment of new revenue and expenditure items with local tax authorities, timely and accurate deployment of relevant systems and parameter maintenance, and escort the implementation of policies as scheduled.The Central Branch of PEOPLE’s Bank of Hohhot fully relies on the “Inner Mongolia Electronic return data audit procedure” to simplify the tax refund process and improve the efficiency of business handling.The bank holds the key work nodes as a whole, arranges the tax refund rhythm in a balanced and reasonable way, and accelerates the return of funds to the account.At the same time, we will pay close attention to the trends and changes in local government inventories, dynamically monitor the surplus and shortage of Treasury funds, give full play to the early-warning role of fund security, and ensure that the large-scale VAT retention, tax rebate policy is implemented to benefit enterprises and serve people’s livelihood.On April 1, a total of 315 related tax rebates were handled in the district, with a total amount of 14.414 million yuan.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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