“The World” : life is not only helpless and hope, the quality of life is more important than the length

“The World” is worthy of opening the New Year drama, all experienced that time, all empathize with, can find the shadow of their own life in the play!In the play, I saw the helplessness and struggle in life, and also saw the choice or choice in order to live. In that era, opportunity and hardship were together.The transformation of The Times, what now seems to be outrageous things, are normal, and really happened!In any era, there are children who are desperate to pursue “me”, and Zhou Rong is one such person, seemingly selfish, but living out her own life.Life may be meaningless, people live is a kind of loneliness, then why not achieve their own loneliness?So why not go after what you want?The role played by Song Jia as Zhou Rong in the drama is actually a very controversial role. First of all, Song Jia plays a very good role, but the role itself is actually very meaningful, which can be said to be a main line.Zhou Rong bravely pursue to do their own, regardless of parents and family worry, for the so-called love, without saying goodbye, ran to Guizhou.But she is also very selfish, gave birth to the child directly to the younger brother, younger brother daughter-in-law, more than ten years.The child has no relationship with her. She can do nothing but complain.Feng Huacheng once said that she had no instinct to be a mother.In fact, selfishness and bravery are not contradictory, there is a paragraph in the play: Zhou Rong finds feng Cheng has changed, not the talented and passionate poet she admired many years ago.Because, Feng Huacheng did a let Zhou Rong despise things, in order to win the prize, he gave the judges a gift.From here, it can be seen that Zhou Rong has the principle and bottom line of life, in the final analysis, she has become a contradiction complex.Feng Cheng for her, is from cinnabar nevus into mosquito blood.She only loved his romantic poetry, not his human fireworks.She despised the way he grovelled for the house, an unnatural wife’s attitude.If it were me, I would love dearly, love dearly so lofty a person for family wronged.The couple had a big quarrel, become angry from embarrassment of Feng Cheng even Zhou Rong hypocritical words said out.No house, no children, no spiritual connection.It seems that life has been a chicken, but Zhou Rong’s attitude is always, I went home to visit my mother for the Spring Festival, the rest of the time, I am busy going to college, I am busy taking the postgraduate examination, I am busy running for the future.Some people say she’s hateful, but I think she’s very comfortable with her life.Zhou Rong was her father’s favorite child since childhood.She said to her father, “Pretend you never gave birth to me. I have no parents and just jumped out of a stone.”The old man hugged her and said, “You can give up my father. I can’t give up my daughter.”In fact, there is no right or wrong, because for everyone, life only once, it is difficult to live your life well.What does the saying say? Your years are quiet and good, because someone is carrying something for you.It is normal to have joys and sorrows in a life of several decades, and it is inevitable that human nature will go round and round. But we should understand that the quality of life is more important than the length of life.This “the World” is based on Mr. Liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, a lot of things, in fact close at hand.When I was in middle school, I read Mr. Liang’s “Tree Ring”, which is also very good and impressive. Now this book is still treasured in my bookcase.In 2019, Liang xiaosheng won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize for his novel “The World of Man,” which took him eight years to finish. The novel, which is woven with liang’s experiences in half of his life, contains 1.15 million words.After watching the TV series and looking back at my own life, I suddenly felt the beauty of the world and bought a set of original works for my children. In fact, this period of history is worth recalling.”The world” can understand, can let you understand the essence of life, feel the connotation of happiness!Looking at the world, more of a calm and optimistic life, people’s life is bumpy bumpy, as long as the heart, hard work on the line.There are a lot of things that TV shows don’t do well, but they are better written in the original. This kind of period novel can let children know more about the history of the past.This set of “The Human World” can be said to describe the process of the new China fifty years, there are pain and happiness, struggle and dream, but in the face of adversity show unbending will. If you also want to know about that history, you can click on the link below to get this set of Liang Xiaosheng’s “the Human World”.

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