“Malatang first” Yang Guofu: dropped out of school at the age of 15, hit the market at the age of 52

Old Shen reproduced authorization (at the end of the message, or add wechat/mobile number: 17717324202) a bowl of malatang street, ran out of an IPO.On January 27, 2022, the International Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) disclosed the approval materials submitted by Shanghai Yang Guofu Enterprise Management (Group) Co., LTD.Once accepted, it means that Yang Guofu malatang has obtained the “path”, or soon can submit a prospectus in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.At that time, the domestic “malatang first unit” will be formally born.In China, Yang Guofu malatang is widely known in the streets.How did this streek-side store, rising in northeast China for 19 years, refuse all venture capital financing, with a bowl of malatang, domiantly button the door of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?From street stalls to listed Yang Guofu Malatang founder is called Yang Guofu.Drop out of school at the age of 15, poor family, poor grades, such a native condition on any person, will make life more difficult.After dropping out of school at the age of 15, Yang guofu farmed, herded sheep, raised pigs and ran a small shop. “I felt like I had to do all kinds of hard work to make money,” he said.Yang Guofu is a native of Harbin, the fortitude of northeast people makes him have a special liking for business.Since 2000, Yang guofu and his wife have been running a roadside stall for three years.There are many roadside stalls in Harbin, most of which sell porridge and side dishes.Yang guofu has also been selling prawn congee and side dishes for three years with a modest income.A turning point came in 2003, when Yang guofu stumbled across that the most popular street stall in Harbin was a Sichuan malatang restaurant, where people often lined up to eat.He followed his wife to eat it. It was delicious, but he also found a new problem: Sichuan malatang is very spicy, but Yang guofu is not a person who can eat spicy, and most people in northeast China do not eat spicy.Do you have a bowl of non-spicy malatang?The idea of “making a bowl of non-spicy malatang” was formed in Yang Guofu’s mind.He boldly proposed a concept: to make a bowl of malatang soup.To this end, Yang Guofu specially rented a basement, personally develop malatang soup base.At first, his peers bought spices and fried them in a pot, and even tried to develop a base with bean paste. Although there was profit, but the customer’s comment was not good, he immediately stopped selling, overturned the previous research base and started a new study.Eventually, Mr. Yang made a broth made from bones, added dozens of spices, poured milk and cooked it, which won praise from customers.In 2003, Yang Guofu Malatang first direct store – Yang Ji Malatang was established in Harbin Yonghe Street, which is also the prototype of Yang Guofu Malatang.Yang Guofu on the exclusive formula of malatang base material very confident said: “you can drink soup malatang, from our start.”This exclusive recipe soup bottom malatang really lived up to his expectations, the opening is hot.At that time in Harbin, the rent 1000 yuan, cheap ingredients, labor only 300 a month, many relatives and friends saw Yang Guofu malatang low cost, back to capital fast, so all request to join.Within two years, the number of Yang Guofu malatang stores in and around Harbin reached more than 70.Many years later, one of the domestic malatang brand giants “Zhang Liang Malatang” founder Zhang Liang said that the original venture malatang is affected by Yang Guofu, Yang Guofu is Zhang Liang aunt’s cousin husband.If he only wanted to make a little money as a street store, Yang Guofu has succeeded, but what he wants to do is not a “store”, but an “enterprise”.Yang Guofu’s corporate thinking has given Yang Guofu Malatang a completely different framework from the street malatang shop since its inception.He saw malatang this catering industry pain points short board: liquidity, consumers often improvise, brand formation difficult, difficult quality control, a large number of franchise management is more difficult.Yang Guofu believes that to be an enterprise, we must make a brand, and to make a brand, we must achieve strong quality control, as well as franchise store management.To that end, he spent a lot of money to do three things that ordinary malatang restaurants would never do.First, standardize the production of products.Yang Guofu first developed a unified product standards: Malatang bone soup to boil enough for 5 hours, noodles and powder using standardized brewing, dishes using standardized cleaning……It also stipulates that 50% of the food materials in the store are supplied by the headquarters, and the other 50% are provided by suppliers with ISC inspection report and other qualifications and the headquarters record and unified certification.Yang Guofu malatang early strive to make standardization, soup bottom unified by the company’s central workshop production, and then distributed to the store, clever to avoid the common Chinese fast food because of the chef skill level caused by different taste changes.In 2018, Yang Guofu’s Sichuan 4.0 intelligent food factory was built in the Chinese Sichuanese Industrialization Park in Ande Town of Chengdu’s Pidu District, with an investment of 300 million yuan. It can implement fully automated processing from feeding to production, and its automation level is comparable to that of world top 500 food enterprises.With an area of more than 40,000 square meters, chengdu R&D and Production Center is the world’s most high-end industry 4.0 factory.Second, strictly control the franchise.Do not join, there is no money;Join more, the quality is worrying.Yang Guofu was initially plagued by the joining problem.Just start a business, mala hot business, every year there will be 200 to 300 franchisees to join the “Yang Guofu Mala”.There are many friends and relatives in the franchisee, friends take advantage of friends, exploit loopholes, gradually there are problems, Yang Guofu malatang overall chaos.”If an enterprise wants to develop continuously, it must bear the pain of cutting its flesh and have the courage to cut its wrists.”Yang Guofu said.In 2010, Yang Guofu decided to stop joining in order to rectify.Yang Guofu resolutely cut down the dirty, chaotic, poor site selection, wandering on the edge of profit and loss stores, unified decoration style, store image renovation every two years, so that customers feel the enterprise upgrade, increase the sense of experience.Yang guofu also regularized the franchise process, established standardized food processing plants, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with various domestic and foreign suppliers of food ingredients, and constantly carried out self-rectification.Also in this period of time, Yang Guofu innovatively put forward the “catty self-selecting malatang” mode of operation.It means that both meat and vegetable should be priced at the same price.This way of operation subverts the traditional business model of malatang industry, so that a bowl of malatang on the street formally towards fast food business.Insiders said, Yang Guofu malatang franchise fee in the industry “expensive”.According to Yang Guofu’s official wechat public account, the latest franchise fee is 27900 yuan/year for first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 23900 yuan/year for other prefectural-level cities and municipalities, and 19,900 yuan/year for towns and county-level cities;In addition, 10,000 to 30,000 yuan brand deposit will be charged.But even if it’s expensive, there’s still a steady stream of franchisees.The personage inside course of study says, although expensive, but his product control is good, return capital also fast.Third, build supply chain advantages.Malatang dishes are optional, which may seem simple, but the ingredients and supply chain requirements are quite high if you want to avoid problems.For example, when Yang Guofu launched tomato soup base in 2019, his research team conducted a large-scale comparison of domestic tomato products in order to find the most suitable tomato for the soup base.Finally, the company selected Tunhe Tomato Co., LTD., the world’s second largest tomato processing enterprise, with a tomato products industry chain from seed research and development, planting, primary processing, deep processing, logistics, sales as one.In contrast to its rival, Zhang Liang Malatang, the company has not established a complete supply chain, with most of its base and seasonings sourced from outside suppliers, media said.And Yang Guofu Malatang self-built r & D factory, can be fully independent production of Yang Guofu Malatang store malatang base material, seasoning, etc..According to public data, Zhangliang Malatang’s revenue was only 60 million yuan in 2019, compared with Yang Guofu’s 1.3 billion. (Zhangliang Malatang and Yang Guofu have the same number of stores.)The revenue gap is so large, in addition to zhang Liang Malatang franchise fee itself is lower than Yang Guofu malatang, the main reason is that the raw materials cut the profit margin of Zhang Liang Malatang.Yang Guofu supply chain advantage, visible.In response, Yang Guofu said, “It can be said that the real core of this enterprise is me. All the procurement of raw materials, production, management and macro-control are all handled by myself. This is the core of this enterprise.”At present, Yang Guofu has been over 50 years old, is still active in the company’s front-line “master”, grasp the overall situation, unlimited energy.Such a down-to-earth and pragmatic founder has brought unprecedented national popularity to a bowl of malatang.In 2017, Yang Guofu Malatang franchise stores have broken through 5,000;In addition, since 2017, Yang Guofu Malatang has expanded overseas.So far, Yang Guofu Malatang has covered the market in Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, including five countries.At present, Yang Guofu Malatang has more than 6,000 stores worldwide.At the age of more than 50 years old, Yang Guofu is still ambitious and has put forward a greater challenge to himself with extraordinary energy: by 2025, the number of domestic stores should increase to 9,000, and the group’s overall revenue should reach 10 billion yuan.Of course, behind this, there are also hidden worries.Like old Shen in “muffled sound made a fortune” foot strength health shoes for the elderly, have you worn?One article wrote that, advertised as “can fly on the ice” lijian, will face once a quality problem will cause consumers to doubt the whole building, now Yang Guofu Malatang also face similar problems.For catering, food safety is a matter of life and death.Yang Guofu Malatang more than 6000 stores, how to ensure that no quality problems, is a test of Yang Guofu’s big problem.In 2018 and 2021, the food safety problems of Yang Guofu’s individual franchise stores were exposed twice, with bad influence.On December 11, 2021, The Beijing Consumers Association for the recent municipal and district market supervision bureau issued a notice of food safety problems, sorted out the list of enterprises with food safety problems, Yang Guofu Malatang and because of the existence of food safety problems in stores on the list.Now, only one step away from the listing of Yang Guofu Malatang, on the “word of mouth” dependence with increasing.Have you tried it?He dropped out of school at 15, opened his first malatang restaurant at 33, rejected all venture capital financing for 19 years, and opened the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with this bowl of malatang at 52.Yang guofu resembles a character in a classic chivalrous novel: even the harshness of his native conditions does not stop him from turning the impossible into the possible.According to a random interview by the media, a college student said that she often ate Yang Guofu Malatang, and the taste was good, but a bowl of malatang could be on the market, or she felt incredible.It speaks for millions of people.Yang Guofu once said that he never thought street stalls are inferior work, people must respect themselves, no matter what work he does, he will be full of energy!Because this way life is more happy.Perhaps, this is the reason why Yang Guofu, the only malatang shop in China, came to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.Friends, have you tried Yang Guofu Malatang?

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