The municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs used the “two prescriptions” to motivate cadres to take responsibility for 32 party cadres and three units to clarify the name

32 Party members and cadres and 3 units that had received false reports were cleared and corrected, and 811 cadres who had been punished were returned for education.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, in 2021, the city’s discipline inspection authorities comprehensive use of clarifying the name, return visit education “two doses of good prescription”, so that cadres shake off the “burden” light forward.”As a veteran comrade with more than 20 years of work experience and party years, I am willing to accept all forms of supervision from the masses and organizations.I also want to thank the organization for clarifying the facts and not accusing me of being an old comrade. Today’s clarification meeting made me feel the care of the Commission for discipline Inspection, a family of cadres, for my family. I will continue to use my passion and dedication to poverty alleviation in the cause of rural revitalization as always.”On December 20 last year, in Rongan County Banlan town Laphu village organization held a false accusation clarification meeting, qin Zhongke, deputy secretary of the party committee of the town said his feelings.Rongan County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has the courage to clarify and correct the name of the cadres, which is an epitome of the discipline inspection and supervision organs of our city exploring innovative supervision methods, supporting party members and cadres who dare to take responsibility, work diligently, and do not seek personal gain, and maintaining a clean and upright political ecology.Written clarification, face-to-face clarification, meeting clarification, circular clarification…Zhuhai discipline inspection organs at all levels in a timely manner to party members and cadres by false report clarify name, clarify from work principle, the related subject, procedural steps, submitted to the examination and approval and other aspects, according to the cadre management authority seek truth from facts, ‘according to regulation clarify work in accordance with the law, and make for synchronization is investigated and the fight against false accusation behaviour,Eliminate the adverse effects caused by false reports or false accusations.In 2021, the city clarified 35 false accusations.”After I was punished, the organization talked to me again and again, cared about me and encouraged me. I was particularly touched. This made me understand that punishment was only a means of warning and encouraging, and the organization did not give up on me.”On January 12, Luzhai County commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee in-depth punished personnel unit to carry out a return visit education, for violating the spirit of the central eight provisions and clean discipline by the party warning punishment of Chen mou with emotion to speak his heart.City commission for discipline inspection supervisor appoint relevant controller introduces, our city actively protect the lawful rights and interests of the disciplined staff, strengthen the education of disciplined staff help, make 2021 the city’s discipline inspection organs to carry out the party affairs disciplinary personnel return education work plan, to carry out the “tailored” to layer, classification of return visit to education,Communicate with relevant departments on reasonable demands of the punished personnel, get through the “blocking point” of the thought of the punished personnel, help them to transform their thoughts and correct their actions, and stimulate the motivation of the punished personnel to start a business.

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