What did your family eat on New Year’s Eve?Let’s have a look at our circle of friends

Today is the first lunar month tuan tuan here to wish you a happy Spring Festival ~!Yesterday’s New Year’s Eve dinner was the “warmest ceremony” for Chinese people. It was reunion, it was the flavor of the New Year,It is a rite of passage for xiaobian to collect part of the circle of friends to feel this “delicious” twitter ↓By ring the reunion dinner your eat is a joy, is the family continuously in the rice fragrant smell is the practice of family reunion dinner is multifarious but as time change plus ca change every dish represents good luck for you hope it’s not just for the New Year dinner also contains profound meaning for one thousand culture represents the peopleThe happiness and longing for the New Year’s Eve dinner what is not important is that a taste of the same is the expectation of reunion ~!I wish you all happiness and good health in the Year of the Tiger.Disclaimer: if the content of the article involves the content of the work, copyright and other issues, please contact with this public number within 30 days, we will delete the content in the first time.Source: Panzhihua

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