Conduction pressure stronger nucleic acid parameter to carry out the supervision inspection | xingnong street community and neighborhood patrol

In order to effectively prevent and control COVID-19, nucleic acid tests should be carried out to ensure that no one is left behind, so as to ensure the safety of residents in the jurisdiction.On the morning of April 3, Bai Wei, secretary of the CPC Working Committee, Wang Zhenyu, director of the office, and Zhou Dexin, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xingnong Sub-district went to inspect and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in the community, checking nucleic acid testing accounts and the role of patrol officers in the community.Bai pointed out that all communities should make it clear that nucleic acid testing registration involves thousands of households within their jurisdiction, and is a key measure to implement targeted epidemic prevention and control and contain the spread of the epidemic.It is necessary to refine the basic information of residents under the jurisdiction, conduct further self-inspection, find problems, rectify them in time, clarify the books, and consolidate responsibilities, so as to ensure that not one household or not one person is missed in the pre-registration of nucleic acid tests.To strengthen the role of the district patrol, so that residents respect them, love them, obey them, really do “quiet” down, work together resolutely to win the county “zero” battle.Source: Xingnong Street Photography: Tang Yanyu Text editor: Yang Xinwei Layout editor: Yang Xinwei Review: Tian Yuzhu Supervisor: Wang Fuxin

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