Sun Yingsha suddenly received bad news, Chen quit the country ping coaching team reasons exposure, Liu Guoliang has another arrangement

Sun Yingsha suddenly received bad news, the reason for Chen’s withdrawal from the China Table Tennis coaching team was exposed, Liu Guoliang had another arrangement for the China Table Tennis team to conduct training and prepare for war in Hainan, just recently, sun Yingsha, the little devil who was loved by everyone, suddenly received a piece of bad news.According to media reports, Chen Qi, who has been instructing Sun Yingsha, has announced his resignation from the China Ping coaching team.Chen Qi, a native of China, previously provided Sun Yingsha with great help.Chen Qi is known to be a top-ranked player during his playing days, and Chen Qi is known to play a very good technical ability to coach the first three boards, so many fans also expect Chen Qi to be able to play as a pro coach of Sun Yingsha in the future.But now Chen Qi is ittf ittf to quit the China Ping coaching team, Chen Qi announced to leave the China Ping coaching team.According to media sources, Chen Qi, a Native of China, has resigned as national team coach for personal reasons and has now returned to The Jiangsu Provincial team.As for the choice directed by Chen Qi, I believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices.As fans, we can all bless Chen qi as a pro and coach for the future.After Chen Qi left the China Ping coaching staff, it once again became a source of concern for fans to know who Sun Yingsha’s coach will be.According to the media, Liu Guoliang guidance has other arrangements.According to the Internet fans broke the news, the current Hebei team coach Yang Guangdi has gone to Hainan, will guide Sun Yingsha training preparation work.It is well known that Yang Guangdi, as Sun Yingsha’s teacher, is very fond of Sun Yingsha and knows her technical characteristics very well.Now Sun Yingsha is training during the preparation, if there is no coach guidance, Sun Yingsha training may encounter difficulties.At this time Yang Guangdi guidance quickly support Sun Yingsha, many fans are finally relieved.Many fans love Sun Yingsha very much, and sun Yingsha has now become the world no. 1 in women’s singles.In the following March, Sun Yingsha and other Chinese players will compete in the first WTT Grand Slam tournament. Many fans also hope that under the guidance of Yang Guangdi, Sun Yingsha can achieve better results.We also believe that Liu Guoliang for sun Yingsha coach arrangement, will certainly give fans a satisfactory answer.

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