Total investment 3.3 billion yuan!Six major projects in the lake are under construction

Yesterday morning, Huli district organized a number of major projects to participate in the first quarter of the province’s video connection activities in Xiamen to participate in the province’s connection of 27 projects, there are 6 in Huli.The total investment of these six projects is about 3.3 billion YUAN, and the annual planned investment is about 1 billion yuan. The projects cover three fields of industry, infrastructure and social livelihood. The total investment of one industrial project is 1084.7 million yuan, and the annual planned investment is 218 million yuan.4 infrastructure projects with a total investment of 1.76870 million yuan, with an annual planned investment of 71,769 yuan;The total investment of one social project is 479.65 million yuan, and the annual planned investment is 52 million yuan.1. The total investment of municipal roads in Gudi Shipian district is 577.41 million yuan.Located in Jiangtou Street, including Jinsheng Road, Jinlian Road, Jinbo Road, Jin ‘an Road and other 4 roads.Jinsheng Road is 752 meters long and 30 meters wide.The total length of Jinlian Road is about 595 meters, and the width of the red line is 22 meters.The total length of Kimbo Road is about 259 meters, and the width of the red line is 12 meters;The total length of Jin ‘an Road is about 471 meters, and the red line is 12 meters wide.The project started on site in early January, and the construction contract has been signed and the earthwork is being cleared.2. Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Area Sewage Interception System Renovation Project (Wuyuan Bay Top Storage pool) total investment 417.75 million yuan.Located in Jinshan Street, the main construction contents include: ① A new underground cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure storage pool, the scale of 50,000 tons, simultaneous construction of pumping station, 25,000 tons/day, supporting construction management room, substation, etc.;② New intercepting pipe, 1260 meters long (including: pipe jacking 1135 meters), pipe diameter dn2000-DN2400, ductile iron pipe.The project started in early January and is currently under construction in the peripheral area.3. The total investment of Xiamen Sandi International Financial Center is 1084.7 million Yuan.Located in the northwest of the intersection of Jinsan Road and Huandao East Road, it covers an area of 7000 square meters, with a total construction area of 58,000 square meters. It mainly builds high-standard office buildings, star-rated hotels and underground parking lots, etc., and plans to build China Sandi Regional operation center and high-standard hotel in Southern Fujian.The project started in early January and temporary facilities are being built.4. Xiamen Port channel dredging project total investment 481.83 million yuan.Mainly to xiamen Bay public channel and 3# anchorage maintenance.Among them, the public channels are: Xiamen Port main Channel, Dongdu Channel, Haicang Channel, Zhaoyin Channel, Liuwudian Channel, Maluan Channel, Houshi Channel, Xia-Jin Channel, Shi-ma Channel, Jintong Channel, etc. The total length of channel maintenance is about 198 kilometers, with a total maintenance area of about 61.33 square kilometers;There are: 3# anchorage, anchorage waters a total area of about 5.75 square kilometers.The project started in early January and is currently dredging part of the waterway.5. Xiamen Port (Haicang, Dongdu, Xiang ‘an Port Area) wharf pond water maintenance project total investment 291.71 million yuan.It mainly maintains the berthing area and the circular area (excluding the part that crosses the channel) of Haicang, Dongdu and Xiang ‘an ports of Xiamen Port, with a total maintenance area of 7.08 square kilometers. The maintenance period is 3 years (2022 to 2024), and the total maintenance and dredging project amount is about 6.75 million cubic meters.The project started in early January and is currently undergoing maintenance of part of the harbor pond waters.6. Scientific Research Teaching Building of Xiamen Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University (National Regional Medical Center Construction Phase II project) with a total investment of 479.65 million yuan.It is located in Wuyuanwan area, west of Jinshan Road and north of Wuyuanwan Road, with a total land area of 9007 square meters and a total construction area of 34616 square meters. The main construction contents include: teaching area, dormitory area, living function area, academic report area and library, laboratory and tissue sample library, discipline platform area, animal testing area, etc.The project is scheduled to start in March. Now the work regulations have been handled and the construction permit is being prepared.(Source: Huli District Development and Reform Bureau) article source: Leju

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