4 Surnames that Influenced the Development of History in Shanxi Province Do you have your last name?

Shanxi is one of the provinces with a long history in China and one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization.Shanxi has a permanent population of about 35 million people. Among the tens of millions, which surnames have the most influence?Zhao: The surname Zhao comes from Shanxi Province and is one of the most common surnames in northern China. It ranks first in the Song Dynasty’s 100 Family Names. The specific ancestor of zhao is Zao Fu.The name of Zhao in Shanxi mainly includes: Zhao Dun etc. Wang surname: Wang is the most populous surname in China, and also a common surname in the north.Taiyuan Wang family is one of the origins of the Wang family, and there are many wang names related to Shanxi: Wang Wei, Wang Zhihuan, Wang Changling, Wang Bo and so on.Wu surname: Wu surname is not many in Shanxi, but represented by Wu Zetian wu surname has a great influence on Chinese history.Wu’s surname originated in Luoyang, Henan province and other places, and famous celebrities: Wu Zetian, Wu Sansi and so on.Li surname: Li surname is also the most populous surname in China, widely distributed in the north and south, and is also the surname of more emperors in China.Li names related to Shanxi are: Li Keyong, Li Cunxiao and so on.Of course, in addition to the above four surnames, there are some more influential in Shanxi.Such as Yang surname (Yang Ye, Yang Wenguang), Sima surname (Sima Guang), Luo surname (Luo Guanzhong).What other surnames do you know have some influence in Shanxi?Feel free to leave a comment.

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