Buy is to earn, Xiangtan Cadillac CT5 maximum discount 14.3%

☆☆, car enjoy multiple good gift all accept reservations, website customers to the store transaction is a gift of cash gift package, the number is limited, grab the end.After check-in, you can receive exquisite hand gift, a 60-period super long loan, no pressure to buy a car, full system replacement can enjoy the highest subsidy, 6 years unlimited mileage maintenance can enjoy 24 times address:No.3 xiangwang Road, Jiuhua Demonstration Zone, Xiangtan CityPlease click the button below promotion time from April 07, 2022 to April 07, 2022 preferential conditions on the store insurance, the store on Cadillac CT5 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Xiangtan quotation 28TFashion type 279,700 yuan 40,700 yuan 239,700 yuan 28T Distinguished type 320,700 yuan 35,500 yuan 285,700 yuan 28T platinum type 341,700 yuan 313,700 yuan 31,700 yuan 28T luxury standard edition 294,700 yuan 40,250 thousand yuan

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