Female teachers harass male students?The school responded: the stitching is fake and has been reported

Recently, a female teacher at sichuan Media University in Chengdu, Sichuan province, allegedly harassed male students with wechat.Online chat records showed that the teacher, surnamed Sun, sent suggestive messages to students, including “I love you” and “stimulation between teachers and students”, and invited students to the teachers’ apartment, which attracted the attention of netizens.On April 2, sichuan University of Media and Communication released a statement saying that the school found someone claiming to be “Teacher Sun, a director from Sichuan Chuan chuan” harassing students on wechat.After investigation, the “Chuan chuan director Mr. Sun” is not a teacher of our school, and the wechat account he uses has nothing to do with teachers of our school.The pictures of teachers involved in the online chat records were taken from our school’s official wechat official account and used maliciously.The above bad behavior has caused great damage to the reputation of our school.Our school has reported to the public security organ.Source: Rule of law

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