We learn analects of Confucius together

The Master said, “Zai xian, hui also!A handful of rice to eat, a gourdful of water to drink, living in a mean street.Good zai, hui also!”The Master said, “How virtuous yan Hui is!A bamboo basket of rice, a ladle of water, living in a mean lane, ordinary people can not bear that kind of sadness, yan Hui does not change his happiness.How virtuous Yan Hui is!””Ah, hui!A handful of rice to eat, a gourdful of water to drink, living in a mean street.Good zai, hui also!”There is a connection between this paragraph and the chapter of Ranboniu above. The arrangement order of the Analects is very profound and cannot be understood separately.As a result, this sentence is well known to all the students of the poor families in later generations. The picture it gives us is that a wise yan Hui lived in a humble alley with only a bamboo basket of rice and a ladle of water in his home.But Yan Hui was still able to enjoy himself and live in a humble house without worrying.There’s a light beauty to the picture, it’s very harmonious.But this kind of beauty, Zhu Xi zhu Fuzi did not do too much explanation, not only Zhu Fuzi did not explain, Zhu Fuzi also said that his worship cheng Zi did not explain, not only Cheng Zi did not explain, Cheng Zi said that his teacher Zhou Dunyi when they taught.Let’s take a look, zhou Zi, Cheng Zi, Zhu Zi did not explain, why?Because this kind of “music”, you have to experience, others can not explain clearly, you have to do according to the Confucian benevolence, then you will know why Yan Hui is still there “music”.At the beginning of this paragraph, we said that there was a connection between ranboniu’s illness and his moral sense. No matter what kind of state a person is in, the most important thing is his inner peace. Confucius sighed “Life is my husband”, which actually tells us that only by being happy and knowing his fate can we accept it calmly and have no worries about it.Why Yan Zi is happy, many people do not understand, just stand on the sidelines of the point of view of yan Hui is really fierce, but everyone of us can do so, take the Confucian benevolence to practice, recite the words, can experience the joy of Yan Zi.The article is from The Analects of Zhang Qicheng

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