62 years Xu Shiyou body and five positions, great display, each position is not general, what?

Superior force, dare to fight dare to fight, Xu Shiyou with their own excellent skills, led the army to achieve fruitful results, after the founding of the general honor.Strong comprehensive strength, under the influence, especially in 1972 as a number of important positions at a suit,, director of jiangsu, jiangsu, first secretary of the committee member of the politburo, deputy secretary of defense and nanjing total commander, he far afraid tired, not superhuman powers also can do it, dedicated to the state, to do the work in good order,To meet the expectations of the country and the people.Xu Shiyou was born in an ordinary family, the home environment is very hard, he is very understand, take the initiative to take responsibility, coincidence, he become a glorious communist party, his excellent skills, stage in the army, chiefly, win the superior approbate, status is promoted, his fighting skill is very strong, the party organization is appreciated, let him many times to participate in sa, struggle in the first line.The flames of war swept China, my party to the enemy is no mercy, superior delivery of the task of reuse to him, let him bring troops to fight with the Kuomintang team, with excellent military ability, the development of careful combat opportunities, the Kuomintang troops played successive defeats, hit their own resounding name.In the way of long march, Xu Shiyou was also made a great contribution, provide great help for big troops marched in 1940, Xu Shiyou was assigned new jobs again, go to shandong, and in battle, he dare to dare to spell, giving the Japanese, in 1942, is a hard time, Xu Shiyou with its outstanding ability,Recognized by the Party organization, was appointed as the commander of the position, led the troops many times to avoid danger into safety, to avoid enemy encirencirement and suppression, to save the effective force.1948, Xu Shiyou led forces played a good record, beat the enemy retreat, relieve pressure, provide great help for positive battlefield, since then, he has repeatedly shown at major battlefield to command troops attack effectively, a to jinan for final attack, after some consumption, no severe damage to jinan, our army troops in this question,Xu Shiyou force platoon difficult, to carry out the battle to the end, the fact that he made the right decision, led the troops to victory.After the founding of new China, the United States of our country, on the run from the blazing will into our territory, the party organization, and immediately sent troops to fight, Xu Shiyou in peer team, made great contributions in the field, the victory of the war, to return to country, the party organization of his work ability to appreciate, appointed reuse position, which is a member of the political is the position of reuse,Party organization can deliver this post to him, visible party organization is very approbation to him.Xu Shiyou body and many posts, can be called civil and military, war can lead troops to fight, peace can govern the local, is an outstanding general, was assigned to the local, Xu Shiyou as secretary in Jiangsu, conscientious, come up with new methods, planting new watermelon, agricultural governance, won the local people love.National defense is very important to a country, Xu Shiyou was appointed vice minister, he himself was awarded the rank of general, concurrently hold such an important position, it is not an easy thing, he can enjoy a high reputation in the army, is to serve as commander in chief of the Nanjing Military region for a long time.In 1982, the party organization again appointed him as a member of the committee, Xu Shiyou is very attached to home, choose to work in Nanjing, is to be able to go home, a birthday, and family reunion, he is obsessed with wine, family worried about his physical condition, do not want to let him continue to drink, he did not care.In 1985, has a 80 – year – old Xu Shiyou check-up when abnormal body, after the hospital, learned that he got an incurable disease, the doctor suggested that go to the Beijing 301 hospital surgery, his stubborn reluctance to accept, drug against the disease, died on October 22nd, Xu Shiyou military general life, despite my hectic for channeled, unfortunately not filial.According to Xu shiyou’s will, he will not be cremated after death, buried in his hometown, with his mother to sleep.

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