LPL Spring competition 02 16th August TT VS TES can have a big cold?

OMG was helpless against JDG yesterday, getting trounced 2-0 by JDG.When JDG clocked out early, OMG lost its dark horse character.This wave of nomination even stopped at six races, is also a good result.With a little adjustment, the big red wave is still there.TT lost 2-0 to BLG in the last round. After winning AL to end their losing streak, they were beaten back by BLG.At present the integral bottom, become a veritable “experience baby”.TES took the initiative to change the lineup last time, Wayward, Mark and Xiaotiandao got the opportunity to play.Unfortunately, they were swept 2-0 against RNG.In the last 4 LPL meetings between the two teams, TT have lost all 4 games, all 4 scores are 0 to 2, the meeting was swept by TES.SP: TT 5.53 TES 1.16.The overall pattern of an underdog, but TT gives a slightly reserved surprise return, the agency is also cautious about TES rebound.TES this season personnel changes under the situation, playing is also very struggling.From the starting list to see TES this game continues to use rotation lineup against TT, small day playing good, but other positions dare not flatter.We are not optimistic that TES can continue to zero opponents, TT is very hopeful to get 1 game.Outcome: TT Reference Index: TT (+1.5)

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