Net friends see Spring Festival gala draw haoheng prize 330,000 LAN Diagram car two years of use rights

Now the audience really happy, free to watch the Spring Festival Gala not to say, but also to grab a variety of gift red envelopes, in the “gift” this matter, each manufacturer also began to “roll up”.Some time ago, Dongfeng motor officially released the news: Dongfeng high-end electric brand LAN Tu automobile, will join JINGdong looking for the year of the Tiger 2022 “The strongest koi” Spring Festival Gala.The prize is also quite heavy, LAN Diagram FREE 2 years of FREE use rights.For users, you dare to send me dare to accept, Dongfeng car is also said to do, there are really users in the LAN Figure car award.Recently, a screenshot posted by netizens shows that during the live interactive raffle FREE of LAN Tu during the Spring Festival Gala, “shake” on JD APP and won the physical lottery ticket of LAN Tu for 2 years.According to the rules of the lottery, the winner of the net friends, not only 2 years free open, but also can get 2 years of insurance, 2 years of maintenance, and 2 years of free charging pet powder gift.According to reports, the lantu FREE extended range version sent out, priced 333,600 yuan, known as the “king of extended range” title, NEDC comprehensive range reached 860km, support four kinds of energy supplement (slow charge, fast charge, car slow charge, add 92 gasoline) with the first electric vehicle, the world’s fourth power performance.

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