Anhui: Chuzhou city accelerated the optimization of trading links and improved the service level of public resources

Source:Since 2022, The Development and Reform Commission of Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province has continued to optimize the business environment, accelerate the optimization of public resource transaction links, improve the service level of public resources, improve the quality and efficiency of handling, accelerate the construction of government procurement projects, and promote the development of local regional economy.Innovative implementation of bidding project process “simultaneous, two reduction, three shortage tolerance, four do not meet” and other new process optimization measures, further improve the service quality and efficiency of public resource transaction.”All together”, combined handling efficiency.Provide links for further simplify and improve the service efficiency, combined with the actual, in the case of related record filing materials incomplete, active service, early intervention, first reported to the key elements of the tender documents, in accordance with the pressure of crop according to regulation process of project bidding, so as to achieve the record matters synchronization, on the day, significantly improve service efficiency of the target.”Two reduction”, reduce material benefit enterprises.Establish the centralized acceptance catalogue of projects, confirm through internal circulation of the department, minimize the materials submitted by the tenderer, realize the mutual recognition and sharing of materials through electronic and paperless way, and reduce the handling time of bidding record.Break through information barriers, optimize flow procedures, so as to achieve the goal of reducing archival materials.”Three commitments”, allow the absence of processing time.In order to effectively alleviate the problem of tight construction period of key projects, the committee further simplified procedures, carried out the system of informing and undertaking, and implemented the management of shortage tolerance.After the tenderee completes the project examination and approval procedures and the approval of the bidding plan and issues relevant commitments, it can first handle the bidding record, issue the bidding announcement, and then open the bid after the completion of relevant procedures, so as to gain time for the project construction in advance.The “four absentees” have improved quality and efficiency.The four service modes of “no meeting for acceptance, no meeting for bidding, no meeting for bid evaluation and no meeting for deposit refund” are implemented remotely, which opens up the last mile of network electronization of the whole process of public resource transaction and realizes the “zero” running of the whole bidding enterprise.In the project registration, tender announcement, expert extraction, bid opening and evaluation, bid-winning publicity and bid-winning notice and other links of services are all completed online.Cancel the agency and enterprises to carry data to the scene, so that the realization of data “more road”, so that the masses do not run errands, less run errands.The process innovation measures of “simultaneity, two reduction, three commitment, four do not meet” have significantly improved the efficiency of project bidding and bidding in the practice of bidding projects, effectively reduced the burden of enterprises, accelerated project promotion and construction, and played a positive role in promoting high-quality development of county economy.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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