Extra game winner!Wang Rui belt three, too steady!

February 16, Beijing time, the 12th day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Curling on the penultimate day of ushered in today, in today’s game is over, the men all win, including the boys’ team 6-5 win over Switzerland, can advance needs to wait for the other team tomorrow as a result, women in the morning to a 8-4 victory over the UK, although at present has been set for the last four to qualify, but the last scene of Nemesis Canada,Or try to leave a satisfactory ending at home.At the beginning of the game, The Chinese team took the lead to get the opportunity, the first game as always the situation is simple, the Chinese team first got a point, the second game, perhaps Canada early to determine the quota of the final four, they deal with the situation is very random, the Chinese team seized this point, in the second game steady layout, steal two points first.But in the next two sets, Canada woke up, showing a strong hover, hitting ability, back-to-back three points.In the fifth game, The Chinese team stabilized the situation, and the layout of the side zone caused great trouble for the Canadian team, which was unable to resolve, and the Chinese team took two more points!At the beginning of the second half, the sixth inning, China’s mistakes, Canada’s layout is very successful, China’s fourth base Wang Rui facing a very difficult situation, the last pot failed to stop the loss, Canada’s fourth base steady hanging, hao took five points!The Chinese team went from a 5-3 lead to a 5-8 deficit in an instant. In the seventh game, the Chinese team quickly adjusted and did not give the Canadian team an easy chance to stand and successfully pulled back two points.The eighth inning, Canada layout in front of the fourth base to complete two points, crisis moment, Wang Rui again came forward, hit a swing double flying stroke, instantly reverse the situation, China stole a point, the score 8-8 equalization!In the ninth game, Canada tried to simplify the situation to keep the back hand 0-0 until the last game, but China responded well, Wang Rui’s last pot of swinging again, forcing Canada to get only one point.In the final game of regular time, China had the backhand advantage, and Canada’s defense was of high quality. Dong Ziqi at third base hit a key double fly, and neither side made a mistake in the game, China scored a point, 9-9 to enter the extra frame.In the extra game, The Chinese team did the first hand to the extreme, Canada caused two POTS in the center of the circle before the last pot, Canada was forced to call a pause, and then four base attempt difficult biography double fly failed, China stole two points, 11-9 narrowly win Canada.The Chinese women’s curling team has finished its Olympic Games. On the whole, the Chinese women’s curling team is very short of competition experience in addition to Wang Rui, who has qualified anti-pressure ability, stability and competition experience. Han Yu, who has poor performance at second and third bases, and Jiang Xindi, who came up as a substitute.It’s a bit difficult coming into a top event like the Winter Olympics. They all have a high enough ceiling and are very optimistic. They just need enough time to grow.

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