Idle storefront into a “safe harbor”, kettle is also equipped, caring citizens open the door for prevention and control personnel to rest

Article/photo & have spentPeninsula all Media reporter & NBSP;”It’s better to let the epidemic prevention workers have a rest. There are air conditioners, sofas and food in the shop. Everyone is doing their best to fight the epidemic.”After the outbreak of the epidemic in Laixi, everyone is contributing to the fight against the epidemic. Qu Mingbo, a citizen, took the initiative to provide the store to the epidemic prevention and control workers, so that they can have a place to rest.On the morning of March 13, when The Peninsula reporter contacted Qu Mingbo, he had just contacted his friends at home and asked them to send water, instant noodles and other items to his shop before the epidemic prevention and control personnel ran out of them.Originally, qu Mingbo has an advertising business department, the original facade demolition, just rented a new facade, and has been decorated.In the process of moving to the new facade, there was an epidemic in Laixi. There were confirmed cases in qu Mingbo’s community. The community was closed and isolated at home.But when he heard that there was an epidemic guard post near his shop and that workers were busy outside in the cold, he felt he had to do something.”I called my friend and asked him to hold the key to open the store door and find someone to connect the electricity so that epidemic prevention and control workers could have a rest,” he said.Qu mingbo said the store has been equipped with air conditioners, which they can turn on if they feel cold.Qu mingbo also told The Peninsula that although the storefront has just been renovated and items are not fully placed, epidemic prevention and control workers can rest on sofas and chairs inside.Qu Mingbo also deliberately give a friend money, let him buy water, instant noodles and other items sent in the past.”Epidemic prevention and control workers can only use the things in the store, and they can also boil water to warm their hands, which is my contribution to epidemic prevention and control.”Qu mingbo said that although he was unable to go to the scene at home, he was happy as long as the store brought convenience to epidemic prevention and control workers.Qu mingbo has been at home since March 5, but his shop has been open all the time, only for epidemic prevention and control workers, and there are no staff.At this point, there were frontline workers from the Lacey Federation of Trade Unions, who were later replaced by workers from other places, and there was an incident.”One day when they left, they locked their keys in the store and came to me for a spare key to open the store.”Qu mingbo said that in recent days, the key in the store is being used by the epidemic prevention and control personnel, who may be tired or busy and forget to bring the key.Peninsula reporter also saw qu Mingbo’s wechat moments, he believes that “face the light, walk on”, will certainly win.Under the severe epidemic, there are always some small people, with their own way, from time to time to bring us inexplicable touched.

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