Folk tale: a widow sells noodles on the street. When the stall is smashed by a bully, the widow laughs instead of being angry

During the Mid Yuan Period of the Western Han Dynasty, there lived in Tangzhou County a beautiful woman named Shi Zhenxiang. She was born beautiful and beautiful. However, she was not very lucky.After her husband died, Shi Zhenxiang had to make a living by herself. The burden of life soon overwhelmed her, and she was treated as a joke by many people.Some malicious people find Shizhenxiang, want to be her husband, have been shizhenxiang refused directly, those people see Shizhenxiang so ungrateful, united against her, Shizhenxiang’s life becomes more difficult.Finally one day, hungry for three days of the history of zhenxiang eyes a black faint in the street, was saved home by the county magistrate, the county magistrate asked the history of Zhenxiang, gave her a little money to let her take to the streets to sell noodles, and personally those who are up to no good people called a reprimand.From that day on, the history of true sweet rely on selling noodles for a living, those who want to find the history of true sweet out, but due to the face of the magistrate dare not begin to wait for the opportunity only hard.The opportunity soon arrived, the local magistrate because of meritorious governance was promoted to the capital as an official, after he left office, those people immediately found some local ruffians to make trouble to shi Zhenxiang there.At first, they just stood by and cursed, but as Shi Zhenxiang did not resist, they became more and more brave. Finally, one day, they came to shi Zhenxiang’s side, smashed the stall directly, and kept abusing Shi Zhenxiang.At this time, the side of the crowd can not look down, have to scold a few bullies, some young people even directly roll up their sleeves ready to deal with them, at this time, Shi Zhenxiang’s performance attracted people’s attention.Instead of a hint of anger and anger, she laughed at the bullies, who were stared at so uneasily that they ran away without a penny, only to be stopped by a group of yamen.At this time, Shi Zhenxiang hurried over to thank several yamen, yamen have toward shi Zhenxiang bow salute, very polite, Shi Zhenxiang let the yamen to take away several bullies, clean up the smashed stall toward the county government.As soon as she arrived at the gate of the county government, she saw a man with a face like crown jade waiting for her, who was the new county magistrate Yue Not qu, Yue not qu came to the history of zhen xiang, could not help but burst into tears.History of true incense to yue buqu wiped away tears, and then yue Buqu came to the county office, Yue Buqu asked history of true incense, how to deal with the bullies, history of true incense let Yue buqu fair handling, two people after the matter.The second day early in the morning, Yue not interesting let the yamen will be a few bad deeds of the bully to the hall, in front of the people dozen twenty big stick, and let them take warning.After the bullies left, Yue Buqu came home with the history of zhenxiang, asked her how these years, the history of zhenxiang looked at the current Yue Buqu, thoughts drift back to the past.Ten years ago, shi zhenxiang was playing at home when her father suddenly asked the housekeeper to bring a dirty little boy to her side. Shi zhenxiang and shi Zhenxiang have been inseparable since childhood.As they grow older, the boy gradually falls in love with Shi Zhenxiang, who is also very fond of him. When Shi Zhenxiang’s father learns of this, he immediately kicks the boy out.After the boy was driven away, Shi Zhenxiang was heartbroken and tried to threaten her father with a hunger strike, but her father threatened her with the boy’s life. In desperation, she no longer resisted, and married a scholar according to her father’s wishes, and became a widow two years later.When she was bullied, that boy suddenly appeared and became her county magistrate, the boy knew her plight, let the yamen secretly ambush around Shi Zhenxiang stall, seize the opportunity to grasp the evidence of the bullies trouble, and the bullies arrested, this has the following things.Yue not interesting to see the history of true sweet never opened, could not help but heart anxious, at this time, the history of true sweet slow god, rushed into yue not interesting arms, this pair of childhood sweethearts after so much suffering, finally can be together.Later, Yue not interesting and the history of zhen xiang married, the history of zhen xiang’s father see Yue not interesting now so promising, intestines are regretful, he wanted to be close to his son-in-law, but was yue not interesting refused, not long on the end of depression.And yue not fun and history of true incense always treat each other as guests Jujiaqimei, happy over this life.

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