Italian supermarkets are running out of everyday goods as fears of rising prices rise over Ukraine

China News on March 13As the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, italians are worried about a sharp rise in food and daily necessities due to a series of knock-on effects, including higher energy prices, Euronet quoted THE European Union news agency as saying.Supermarkets across Italy have seen a rush on everyday items, leading to rationing of hard-to-get food and essential items.Italians have been flocking to supermarket chains to buy flour, eggs, sugar, coffee and pasta as fuel prices rise.Rome’s Conard supermarket ran out of bread, pasta, canned goods and even drinking water Tuesday.Italy’s transport union said it had decided to suspend trucking services across the country from July 14 because of soaring fuel costs.Long queues for vegetables, flour and daily necessities were seen Tuesday at major supermarkets in Sardinia, a southern Italian island, as shoppers feared short-term price increases due to a failure to restore logistics.Food shelves were emptied at large supermarkets in Milan, Florence and Rome.Unicom Cooper, a supermarket chain in Florence, had to limit purchases to four bags of sugar and four bottles of oil per customer.Ukraine and Russia together account for most of the world’s sunflower oil exports, with Ukraine alone accounting for 35-45 per cent of the European Union’s refined sunflower oil, according to the European Vegetable Oils Association.Alternatives to sunflower oil, one of the preferred frying options for hotels, restaurants and the catering industry, are also experiencing price spikes.National retailers have been rationing sunflower oil in Liguria, Tuscany and Veneto in recent days as stocks in Italy have run low.Many fishermen have not gone to sea for a week because of soaring fuel prices, the report said. The supply of seafood has plunged, leading to a 30 percent increase in wholesale prices and forcing fishmongers and restaurants to raise prices by 50 percent to sell seafood to consumers.Italian supermarkets have a very limited selection of fish products.Fresh seafood is now almost impossible to find at Rome’s agricultural centre seafood market.According to the Market monitoring data of the Italian consumer group Association, since entering February, the retail price of essential articles for daily life in Italy has increased to different degrees, and the price of essential articles for daily life in some areas has risen by more than 30%.(Po)

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