This is the way to eat, wear, live and travel during the Qingming Festival

“Almanac” contained: “15 days after the vernal equinox, the bucket refers to ding, for the Qingming Festival, when all things are clean and qingming festival, cover when the gas is clear jingming, all things show, so named.”Qingming is at the turn of mid-spring and late spring, the nature of the warbler, a thriving scene.In spring everything grows, and so does the body.Qingming as an important health solar term how to health?6 kinds of Delicious Food: Artemisa baba is a traditional food for Qingming Festival in Hunan province.Pick young seedlings of artemisia artemisia, crush them and knead them into small balls with rice flour (or glutinous rice flour) and sugar. Wrap them in bamboo leaves and steam them.Artemisia annua has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, expectorant and relieving cough.Green tuanzi (fragrant and soft glutinous) : Green tuanzi is green because of the mugwort in it. Mash it and squeeze it, then mix it with glutinous rice.In the north, there is no fresh mugwort, so you can use yellow rice or glutinous rice flour to make tuanzi, which is filled with jujube paste and tastes sweet and delicious.Stir-fried spring leek with snail meat (clearing heat and dampness) : Around the Qingming Festival, snail meat is fat and beautiful, it is the best season to eat, so there is a saying “Qingming Snail, better than goose”.It is not only a delicacy, but also a medicine.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, snail meat tastes sweet, salty, cold, and has the function of clearing heat and nourishing Yin, dampness and detoxification.Steamed crucian carp (clear heat and strengthen spleen) : Choose fresh crucian carp and fresh leaves of Prickly ash (also prickly ash).First in the belly of the fish into the pepper leaves, Onions, ginger, and then a little oil fry, and then the pot can be steamed.Cooked pepper leaves steamed crucian carp is rich in nutrition, as well as heat and spleen, detoxification and dampness.Torreya grandis (fě I) is a kind of nut. If you bite into it, it’s delicious and crunchy. It tastes a little like peanuts, but more gamey.It is rich in nutrients, which can improve the body’s immunity, moisten the lungs and smooth the intestines, but the most special benefit is that it can repel insects.Sweet taro (phlegm runfei) : before and after qingming pot lily lotus seed sweet taro soup, is absolutely invigorating the spleen, runfei, phlegm and calm the good sweet soup.Qingming festival, although the weather is not as cold as the winter, but warm and cold, sometimes hot and sometimes cold to pay special attention to, dress to remember the “spring cover” principle, in case the temperature change caused by wind and cold cold.In order to make Yang qi better grow hair, try to sleep at night and get up early.Of course, I don’t mean to stay up late, and I don’t mean to “get up earlier than the chickens”, but rather to stay up late and get up earlier than the chickens in winter.7 to 9 in the morning is the hour, Chinese medicine believes that this time is the most vigorous stomach, if you do not get up early will lead to Yang qi to hair and can not hair, into the internal fire on the heart, lung and brain, can cause irritation, dry throat, dizziness, turbidity and other discomfort.Therefore, try to adjust their work and rest time forward, after getting up early actively outdoor activities and physical exercise, not only can relax tendons and activate collaterals, smooth qi and blood, but also can reach the heart, pleasant mood nourishing, enhance disease resistance.With the rise of temperature, people’s activities also increased, although the spring health is characterized by “shengfuyang”, but “Su Ask · Comment on fever” cloud “Sweat, qi also”, we should pay attention to exercise “not sweat, in order to raise the liver.”Can be more sunshine, exercise bones and muscles, increase resistance.It should be noted that it is not advisable to do activities with too much exercise.Especially for people with less activities, they need to exercise according to their ability and the amount of exercise should not be too large.When the elderly are active, the heart rate should be controlled within the range that can bear.People suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases should not do intense activities.Tips: Qingming Festival is also the time when pollen allergies occur.People with pollen allergy must do a good job of protection when going out, try to avoid going to places with many flowers and trees, and it is best to wear a mask when going out.Big/home/all/at/look spring is coming!Send you a set of simple and easy method of health preservation “spring wu” to protect these parts, disease detour constipation problems and solutions, we answer clear!(source: people’s health in People’s Daily, xinhua, times) editor: liu qian This editor: wang ke (intern) this proofreading: old ice but statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address:

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