CITE, shenzhen Electronics show, drawing the new ecology of electronic information industry

CITE, the 10th China Electronic Information Fair, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May 17, 2022.As the electronic information expo with large scale, complete industrial chain, rich activities and fast influence improvement in Asia, the exhibition will focus on the theme of “Forging ahead with ten years of wisdom to create the future”, showing the innovative force and cutting-edge technology in the field of smart home, consumer electronics and other technologies.Over the past decade, CITE has not only accompanied the rapid rise of China’s electronic information technology industry, but also witnessed the development and upgrading of China’s smart home ecology;As the direction of electronic information technology industry, between the example of intelligent family, CITE not only provides a precise and efficient for the enterprise product promotion and technical propaganda, improve enterprise brand awareness, but also provide the exhibitors with passenger flow, information flow, cash flow, supply chain support industries such as resources, vigorously promotes the ecological development of smart home industry.Coinciding with the crucial year of the 14th Five-year Plan, CITE 2022 has also embarked on the journey of a new decade.Facing the new decade, in 5G and big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other forms of convergence at present, industrial convergence and platform empowerment has become the strongest voice of this era, from manufacturing to science and technology services has become the consensus and direction of the industry.How to realize the leap of the smart home industry, driven by intelligence as the core, to drive the formation of a new value chain and the development of the environment and ecology, and ultimately achieve mutual empowerment and promote the integration of the ecosystem, CITE 2022 is a highlight.For exhibitors and users, in addition to the CITE nine pavilions to understand China’s scientific and technological innovation and industrial change, can also participate in the CITE innovation awards, CITE international display series of activities, CITE network of cars and more than ten series of activities and dozens of forums.Blessing at the same time, the expo will also be a high-tech elements of fashion digital night, hundreds of electronic information industry association sodality, industry report conference, and many other events, and through the well-known entrepreneurs video display, the booth trill broadcasts, Internet stir dozen call form, such as promoting the exhibitors and electrical fair fans higher adhesiveness of integration and interaction.

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