Chapter 005 the Grace of a Meal 2

At last, the soldier had a good idea: “Oh, the doctor has no place to put me, so he sent me here?What’s in it for you?””He gave us half the money we put up…How do you think I don’t care, that day the money on the body is to buy food for everyone’s food money, this money can not we compensate?Every penny is saved by penny.”The baxi way.”Thank you, although I can’t remember, but this time certainly can’t fake.”The soldiers are weak and weak.”Of course not. When we saw you, you were naked and had a birthmark on your ass.”Heineken certificate way.This was even more true. The soldier rose angrily. His tall, stooped figure moved his nose, smelling the smell of the food, but as if the conceit remained in his subconscious, he turned his head and went away in silence.”Hi……Hi……”Eight xi chased up, stopped him in front, looking at him, chopsticks fork steamed bun, big pot of food handed up: “eat it.””I…”The soldier was embarrassed.”Look at you, you are almost poor and naked, how can I deceive you?Quick to eat…Come, sit here and eat.”Eight xi stuffed the bun into the hands of the soldier, dragging him, drill to the door, squatting, pass the basin to the soldier’s eyes, that smile is ugly, but innocent face, so that the soldier no longer alert.Perhaps it is not vigilance, hunger and the aroma of food, defeated his heart disdainful residual thoughts, holding the steamed bun, a bite, half down, a dish pulled, and with half of the steamed bun down.What Wolf down, what wind and debris are not enough to describe the soldier’s eating phase, almost is the devil sweep, in a twinkling of an eye, a pot of vegetables three steamed bun clean.Baxi swallowed his mouth and said to her amazement, “You are born to be a migrant worker, so you can eat…Are you full?”The soldier shook his head. No.”Can’t you?More than I can eat?”Baxi said in astonishment, this kind of fat and fat stew, except for the likes of heavy work, ordinary people can not eat much, but it was a big pot.”I haven’t had enough to eat for several days. They won’t send me away if THEY only give me a little liquid food. I’m going to leave, too.”The soldier finally spoke his mind.”Come with me…No one will laugh at you. Eat from your full stomach.”Baxi took the soldier and went straight to his residence.Two steamed buns, half a pot, finished, but slowly.Then two steamed buns, half pot, eat more slowly, and finally put the last piece of fat meat with pig skin chewing into his mouth, soldiers hold happiness to hem, a happiness just found, around a number of migrant workers, all winked at him, just like seeing aliens.”I…That…Eight…Eight.”The soldier was embarrassed.”Are you satisfied, soldier?Baxi asked affectionately.”Yes, indeed.”The soldier was embarrassed.”Na na, drink water.”Baxi took the pot and poured half of it into the rice bowl. He said affectionately, “It is good to be at home for a thousand days, but it is difficult to go out at a time. Even the heroes have been stumped by a farthing.”You this is not the most drop, I have seen a young, a meal to eat eight steamed buns.”Woods exaggerated way.”After the first meal, I can’t eat anymore.”Another migrant worker commented, pointing to the soldier: “Ba Xi, don’t say ha, this young man is strong, work must be a good material.””He’s not a migrant worker. He can’t do our work.”The baxi way.”Hey, no, no…Well, I…”The soldier muttered, and the others looked at him again. “Shall I follow you?”

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