“Jiangcheng New Year’s Eve 12 hour” hour: 8 am, “plane nanny” waiting for the first flight into port

7 a.m. to 9 a.m. – hour: also known as morning food, the ancients eat breakfast time.The hour when the sun’s rays and heat increase is said to be the hour when the dragons march west.”There are relatively few flights on New Year’s Eve, but the maintenance work should not be relaxed!”At 7:55 on January 31, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, Hubei Airport Group industrial ground service company aircraft engineering room work class leader Li Xiaofei skillfully dressed work equipment, ready to meet the day’s first flight into the port.Chengdu Airlines Flight EU2746, which took off from Fuzhou Changle Airport, landed at 8:31 a.m.At 8:45, Li Xiaofei held reflective stick, under the guidance of the car, the command plane berthing in 305.At 8:50, Li Xiaofei and his colleagues began a detailed inspection of the plane’s appearance, facilities and equipment and cockpit.Li Xiaofei, a native of Pingdingshan, Henan Province, was born in 1991. After graduating from Guangzhou Civil Aviation Vocational And Technical College in 2013, he joined Hubei Airport Group Industrial Ground Service Company as an aircraft maintenance officer.This is his 10th year working at Tianhe Airport.The aircraft maintenance officer is mainly responsible for picking up the aircraft, checking around the aircraft and releasing the station, and is vividly called “aircraft nanny”.At Tianhe Airport, an aircraft handling officer guarantees at least 7 flights a day. According to the annual attendance of 180 days, Li Xiaofei has ensured the safety of more than 11,000 flights in 9 years.”They take 30,000 steps every day, and flight attendants have long topped the list of steps on wechat moments.”Li Xiaofei said.Do a good job of maintenance work, feet to wear, head more sober.In his view, to ensure the safe arrival and departure of aircraft at the airport, not due to the oversight of the inspection of flight safety, aircraft personnel shoulder a “thousand jun burden.”Paying special attention to safety is Li Xiaofei’s “natural duty” as an aircraft maintenance officer, which also stems from a memorable flight security experience for him.At 1:00 am on September 30, 2016, a passenger flight of an Indonesian airline was full of passengers waiting to leave the port.After completing various checks, the plane was allowed to pass and Mr. Li and his colleagues waved goodbye to the crew.Before the plane will sail to the runway, with the help of light reflection, Li Xiaofei found that the right engine suspected oil leakage, rushed to contact the tower to stop the flight.A second inspection revealed that the engine was leaking fuel in a jet form at high speed.”If it had not been stopped, the engines of the aircraft could have ‘stopped in mid-air’ after takeoff, resulting in an emergency landing, with disastrous consequences.”Li Xiaofei said.Because of the timely detection of flight safety risks, the airline specially to Li Xiaofei’s maintenance room “flying wing team” to thank the letter, Hubei Airport Group also gave their rigorous and meticulous work style to praise.”Aviation safety is no small matter, whether the crew’s work is in place is related to the safety of passengers.”Li Xiaofei said.After years of work, he developed the habit of checking over and over again: he had to look closely at three times the items required visual inspection on the timecard;He must repeat three times for the manual check items on the timecard.”It may seem tedious, time-consuming, even obsessive, but the planes that are released from my hands have to be 100 percent safe.”Li Xiaofei’s wife, Guo Yingying, works at the Tianhe Airport security station, and the couple are often too busy to care about home.”She is in charge of passenger safety and I am in charge of flight safety.”Li Xiaofei said.In the past 9 years, I have 5 years to stick to my post on New Year’s Eve, guarding the reunion of thousands of families.”I worked a day shift this New Year’s Eve, from 8 am to 5 PM. When I got home from work, I could have a New Year’s meal with my family and cuddle my son in bed. That was the greatest happiness.”Watching a flight straight into the sky, Li Xiaofei’s eyes firm and gentle.Article/Hubei Daily full media reporter Li Yuan correspondent Zhang Meng Ma Jiawen photo/Hubei Daily full media reporter Ni Na source: Hubei Daily

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