The theme cloud road show will take you to feel the atmosphere of Chengdu New Year

The ongoing “Enjoy the Spring Festival and enjoy Chengdu in Peace” 2022 Tianfu Culture and Tourism Festival will continue until February 28.As a highlight of the activity, Tesco Fashion Festival winter activities — Wenjiang National Color Sky Town Wenjiang Temple Fair;Winter Tour of Tianfu Ancient Town — Longquanyi Luodai Ancient Town and other 5 Spring Festival theme cloud road shows will be held in turn, inviting the public to experience the festive atmosphere of the New Year online.Today, the content of cloud road show is The winter activity of Tesco Fashion Festival wenjiang — Wenjiang temple fair of national color Tianxiang.Chengdu culture and Tourism promotion Ambassador Wang Xin led the audience to wander around the scene of Wenjiang Temple fair in The Land Paradise of Guose Tianxiang.The audience can see through the camera, colorful ribbons, lanterns, lights reflect each other, feel the lively atmosphere of Wenjiang New Year.Entering the temple fair venue, gorgeous lights hit the body has a feeling of being in a fairy tale world, all kinds of food also make the audience salivate.Wang Xin recommended that wenjiang not only has delicious food waiting for you to taste, accompanied by beautiful scenery, but also a thick New Year flavor waiting for you to taste.The cloud road show is through the online broadcast superposition of the Spring Festival festival activities, to the national gold medal guide, Chengdu cultural tourism gold ambassador and three states a city cultural tourism promotion officer, tourism network red person experience officer, to Chengdu cultural travel winter and Spring Festival major festival activities as the main content,In a city, and invite the “three” text brigade promotion ambassador to record local winter tourism products and activities through live interaction, with the new media as the carrier, invite the visitors enjoy winter and the Spring Festival travel in chengdu and in a city, “three” ice and snow and the unique charm of sunshine scene, strengthening national public visitors to chengdu and in a city, “three” swim winter and the Spring Festival Chinese New Year,Create a new tourism visual and scene experience, leading the new winter cultural tourism season and New Year’s eve popular experience tourism trend.It is reported that the 2022 Tianfu Culture and Tourism Festival, sponsored by Chengdu Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, officially opened on January 20.The four series of “Culture and Travel Feast”, “New Year · Sports and Tourism Activities”, “New Year · Travel Routes”, “New Year · Leisure Scenes” and “New Year · Surrounding Tour”, provide a wealth of travel options for the citizens and tourists who spend the Spring Festival in Sichuan and the Local Spring Festival, and present a great gift unique to Chengdu’s New Year festival.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:

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