Xingyang Yulong Town continue to improve the level of community pension services for the elderly to share the fruits of social development

(Cheng Chuanzhong report correspondent: Ba Yan) On the morning of February 17, Si Honghui, director of the Xingyang Civil Affairs Bureau, led the responsible comrades of township projects to visit the Yulong Town Ningshan Community pension service Center for field research to check the progress of the project.Ningshan Community is building a service center for the elderly, covering an area of 1028 square meters, which can provide the elderly with day care, health management, rehabilitation care, recreational activities, psychological comfort and other services, so that the elderly can enjoy zero-distance embedded care services without leaving the community.Leaders understand the center seriously pantries, functional areas such as physical therapy room, activity room set, careful inquiry service pattern and service content, and to emphasize pension service is the people’s livelihood, to highlight the solve the problem of good community endowment the livelihood of the people, to actively explore new mode of community endowment service, properly solve the problem of good “old”, continuously meet the demand of diversified endowment,We will effectively improve community elderly care services.Ningshan Community secretary Zhou Huifeng said: community pension service is the focus of the current stage, with the strong support of the superior government will gradually promote the pension service work, and in the implementation process constantly improve and improve the quality of service, so that the elderly in the area to enjoy a convenient, fast, secure, happy life.(Bayan, Xingyang Yulong Town Government)

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