You have today too!Japan’s women’s soccer team was hit by China meng after tears, sonorous roses for men’s soccer revenge

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the men’s football team lost to Vietnam, adding to the difficulties for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival.On the third day of the Chinese New Year, the Women’s football team eliminated Japan and finally brought a surprise to the Chinese people.Chinese women’s football eliminated Japan, beyond most people’s expectation.After all, The Chinese women’s football team is not as good as the Japanese team in terms of strength, and the number one star Wang Shuang was injured before the match, so the coach Of The Chinese women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia, had to pull another striker Wang Shanshan back to the defense line, and the Wang Fried team of The Chinese women’s football team did not appear in the front line, and the attack power was greatly reduced.The competition process can be described as twists and turns, ups and downs.In the first half, the Chinese women’s soccer team was completely dominated by the Japanese team, and they lost the goal early, so there was no hope of equalizing.Who also did not think of the second half of the storm, The use of Wu Chengshu Shui Qingxia in a counterattack broke the goal, the score will be level.Then Lou Jiahui, a veteran player, was injured in a fight, casting a shadow on the women’s team’s prospects. After being besieged by opponents, the Chinese women’s team struggled to take the match into extra time.Japan took advantage of China’s offside error to regain the lead in extra time.The Chinese women’s soccer team was already suffering from cramps in the final stages of the match, but wang Shanshan, who rushed to the front line, scored a goal to equalize the score and send the match to a penalty shoot-out.Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu became a patron saint in the penalty shootout.She saved Japan’s first penalty, but Zhang Xin, China’s first kicker, hit the ball wide to tie the game again.In the final round, Zhu blocked the opponent’s shot, but Wang shanshan calmly hit the penalty to eliminate the Chinese women’s soccer team.From the point of the game, the ball or shooting times, the Chinese women’s team is significantly behind the Japanese, the ball is only thirty percent, shooting only a quarter of the each other, but the Chinese women’s team insists on not abandon not give up the spirit of repeatedly pushed back from the edge of the cliff, in the end, relying on the penalty if the Chinese women’s team was stronger than Japan, it is stronger willpower,Fighting spirit is stronger, so just staged the show to beat the strong.A few days earlier, China’s national team had been humiliated by Vietnam, a result the Wu Lei’s quietly accepted.This time, The Chinese women’s football eliminated Japan, the same pain to the opponent.After the game, the Japanese team gathered in a circle, the coach to the players cheer, from the broadcast screen, some Of the Japanese players have shed tears, after all, their strength is stronger than the Chinese women’s football team, just did not expect that the Chinese women’s football team will be so resilient, so unyielding.It can be said that for The Chinese women’s football team, it has been a success to eliminate Japan in the Asian Cup and reach the final.In the already full of holes in Chinese soccer, at least we still have Chinese women’s soccer team to be proud of, at least there is a spirit of hope for the future.

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