Hiti Toyota Asia Dragon driving 15000 km, is 230,000 worth it?Listen to the guy with the car

Everybody is good!I am the owner of The Asian Dragon, from Changchun, I mention the model is “2019 double engine 2.5L luxury version of the COUNTRY VI”, the purchase price of 230,000, drove 15000 kilometers, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.6L, let’s talk about the real feelings of this car!I choose this car because the performance of this car in all aspects is very good, the most important reason for choosing it is its large space.I think the appearance of this car is quite sharp, its headlights and net shape is also very good, and there is a waist line running through the whole vehicle, I think it also adds some layers to the side of the car.I think the interior of the car is quite technological, and the layout of the center console looks quite pleasing.I think the space of this car is a big highlight of this car, this space I think is very ok.I don’t think it would be a problem to put a child seat in the back of the car for two more people.The comfort of the car is still very good, the car seat is very soft, and your legs can touch the place, including the hand can touch the place are soft leather material, I think this is still very conscience of the material.The power of this car is quite strong to be honest, and the power performance of this car is very good, the power response is also very positive, and it is very easy to overtake.I think the handling of this car is good, except that the suspension is a bit stiff, but the chassis is very compact and responsive when you are driving at high speed.In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of this car is still quite fuel-efficient. I think it is quite conscientious for such a long car body, and the car is still very economical.1. The highlights of this car.What I like most about this car is the look and space. At this price point, I think there should be no competition.I think the space of this car is very good, 5 people in the car is not crowded at all.2. What are the shortcomings?If there is one thing I am not satisfied with is that the suspension is quite stiff, of course this is not a big problem, if it is not a fierce driving, the suspension is very good.3. Is it worth buying?The overall performance of the car is very good, and the price is very good, I am quite satisfied.

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