How to “double minus” winter vacation?Keep in mind “love eye 24 words formula”, protect children’s eyesight to have a good New Year

In order to further promote the implementation of “double reduction” in families, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice on conscientiously doing “double reduction” work during winter vacation, which states that students are encouraged to stick to a regular schedule, exercise their health, cultivate a wide range of interests, participate in social practice and share housework during winter vacation.These requirements are not only to reduce the pressure of children’s holiday study, but also to reduce the problem of high incidence of myopia caused by the burden of holiday eyes.So how can children come home from school and enjoy their holidays while also enjoying eye care?It is suggested that parents can start from the scientific “love eye 24 words formula” : “tree vision, prevent myopia, less video, more exercise, not picky food, sleep, pro-nature, heart window”, to help children care for their heart window, clear and have a good New Year!Tree foresight, myopia prevention as the saying goes: “vacation planning, school gap!”Planning what?Is to make an effective winter vacation plan.Winter vacation is approaching, the gap in grades from the beginning of the holiday, the gap in vision is also opened from the holiday.So to plan each stage of the winter vacation, let the children learn, play, eye care, a relaxation degree of health and safety of the winter vacation.Why is winter vacation easy myopia?Because of the lack of outdoor sports in the holiday, like staying at home, or watching writing homework, or watching TV, playing games, resulting in excessive use of the eyes.So, the holiday can relax, but can not indulge.At home also should use the eye reasonably, pay attention to the behavior habit.Take time to take your child to have a vision test, adjust the lens frame, and do eye massage to relax.Less video, more exercise Winter vacation at home to control video time.The total amount of entertainment video time for school-age children and adolescents should not exceed 2 hours a day. In order to prevent myopia, it is advisable to control the need to control within 1 hour, and take a break of 3-5 minutes between half an hour.Online learning time, primary school students a day no more than 2.5 hours, each time no more than 20 minutes;Middle school students should spend no more than 4 hours a day and no more than 30 minutes at a time.Increased activity breaks during online study can not only relax the ciliary muscles and reduce eye strain, but also reduce brain fatigue, improve learning efficiency, and relieve tension.It is recommended to often go to the balcony, window and other places with natural light, try to write and read when the light is sufficient, and look far away as much as possible during the rest.The growth and development of eyes need rich nutrition.Eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, soy products, eggs and other high-quality protein intake, can also pay attention to eat carrots, blueberries and other foods rich in nutrients beneficial to the eyes, to maintain the normal growth and visual function of the positive role.It is recommended to cut back on sweets and sugary drinks.Studies have linked less sleep and later nights with an increased risk of myopia.Therefore, the recommended daily sleep time is not less than 10 hours for primary school students, not less than 9 hours for middle school students, and not less than 8 hours for high school students.Avoid going to bed late and getting up late and develop a regular routine.Close to nature, heart-protecting window Every day outdoor activities in the sun recommended not less than 2 hours, myopia children and adolescents recommended longer.If you need to stay at home due to the epidemic prevention and control, you can bathe in the sunshine through the balcony, window or courtyard of your own house and have access to natural light.In low-risk areas, children can take part in ball sports, especially small ball sports, such as table tennis and badminton.In the process of movement, the eyes will constantly track the ball, then our eyes will involuntarily turn, can promote the blood circulation around the eyes.”Love eye 24 words formula”, highly summarized the key points of children and teenagers myopia prevention, remind students even at home in winter vacation, but also pay attention to cultivate good habits, care for their heart window, protect bright eyes, a healthy winter vacation and the Spring Festival.

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