9 old couple “investment finance”, the police timely dissuade

12 PM in the Netherlands recently police station received the alarm said two elderly old couple want to make a remittance of 1 million to an account may have been tricked into things emergency the policemen de-an wang takes three minutes to bank by understanding the couple lives in emergency exit straight street a 85 – year – old grandma WenDaBo this to transfer 1 million is the 87 – year – old couple life savings in the face of police advisedSaid WenDaBo very don’t understand say they have a lot of investment vision for police persuasion very resist but police did not give up on uncle insists on investment of the capital preservation projects to interpret and investment fraud losses from occurring in the case of after an hour of persuading the old couple finally dismissed the idea of transfer considering the old couple age king nickelodeon driving itThe old couple thanked the police all the way back home. After the old man was safely sent home, the police contacted the old man’s children and told them to strengthen communication with the old man to avoid similar things

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