Happy New Year: in the twelfth lunar month 24, I think of that has left the purple gold 24!

January 26, 2022!December 24, the South year!In the north, it is 23, and in the south, it is 24, which is the day when the Kitchen God says good things.About “kitchen god” those things, the previous article also wrote a lot, and certainly more than I a northerner from childhood heard the saying is: 24, sweep the house!Why sweep the house?Cleaning up.The Kitchen God went to heaven to “report good news”, the specific day back, no one can say.We shall not leave the bottom of the health to do a good job waiting for acceptance assessment, strive for a health kitchen next year, civilized kitchen what.There’s more to this thing than just the glory on the wall, and the actual bonus points are huge.Besides, cleaning is dust, “dust” and “Chen”, dust is not in addition to Chen, the meaning of old and new, how good!It’s just, today, will you miss 24?It may have been a number that had gone almost unnoticed before him.Except, of course, for our Lunar year.And after him, the number has become a symbol with unique meaning!This symbol, 730 days ago, became the sad news of countless people.Now we have been almost “used to” the epidemic or just occupied the vast majority of our lives, a person’s departure is to make that winter more desolate and cold!Kobe Bryant!Some people, we know he is gone, but always feel that he just quietly leave for a moment, while you are not prepared, and secretly sit on the sidelines, watching his beloved team and those younger people, continue to sweat for the purple and gold dynasty glory.Every now and then, he would get up and give a fist bump and a high five to his old friends on the court, especially the old man in no. 23.Still clearly remember that morning woke up, sleepy eyes turned over the mobile phone, more than 20 various links of the message, and the simplest one, is the most painful – “your Kobe, go……”In fact, “year” inside, is should say some more happy things.Like my last article to write “xiao Nian son”, “sacrifice to the kitchen”, it is quite easy.Only, yesterday was twenty-three, it was twenty-three!24 today!I can’t think of any other number in my life that is related to kobe Bryant.And today’s 24, and two years ago that tragedy, less than 24 hours!Because in today’s twelfth lunar month 24, I think of that has left the purple gold 24!To this day, I’m still wearing the purple hoodie with the Los Angeles Lakers logo on the front and 8+24 on the cuffs.It was two years ago tomorrow that I rummaged through my suitcase with my mind almost blank and took it out of the bag that had been at the bottom of the box.Also can not say what special significance, even, even this has been ten years on the clothes I know is a “parallel goods”, however, is always want to wear it.In the last two years, except for the short sleeve of those scenes, that is basically it.I was never Kermit or Kerhet.I’m not even sure I’m a Kobe fan!Maybe, just don’t hate at the beginning, then appreciate, then respect, then admire, until……In fact, to me in the early 1980s, Michael Jordan was the undisputed god of basketball.Kobe Bryant, however, is the first real basketball superstar of our age to “see it from beginning to end”.From the newborn, to the sharp edge, and then to the five crown success, finally with countless halos, with the shock of 60 minutes farewell!His entire career is a legend, fortunately, they are seen in our eyes in their entirety……To tell you the truth, I have never seen anyone use more precise words to describe what the name Kobe Bryant means to the NBA, to the game itself, to all basketball fans, or basketball fans of my age in China!Can still remember, in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony scene, when the lens aimed at Kobe Bryant, that is only a ten seconds or so of the lens, let the capacity of ten million people and the “nest” instant boiling!Mountain shout tsunami!Beijing that year, he just 30 years old!He is a very special person!Still remember the saying: “as many people love him, so many people hate him”!That almost exists for Kobe!He certainly can’t represent basketball, but his tenacity, indomitable, stubborn, brave, never concede defeat, always full of endless desire to win!He is one of the best basketball and even sportsmanship athletes of our time, and for the vast majority of basketball fans, he will always be the only one.Please forgive me, I really can’t get my thoughts back from Kobe Bryant, simply, this 24, this December 24, to commemorate the 24 has left us far away!Some say he is ego, ego to believe he can do everything on the court;Some say he is paranoid, paranoid to always push himself into a retreat;Some people say that he is mad, mad to will be on the pitch every second is perfect;Some people say that he is a bastard, bastard to obviously already in the peak, but still every day to meet the morning of 3, 4 o ‘clock Los Angeles!He’s tough, he’s stubborn, he can’t take defeat!So, he can still score 60 points, choose to leave!Because Kobe knows that at 38, he can no longer support his desire on the basketball court!As the retirement article said: “My heart can take the blow, my will can overcome the suffering, but my body knows……”We all know how hard it must be for someone like Kobe Bryant to say that.I remember when he retired, there was a wonderful comment: “When Kobe retired, the whole world was his fans!”And another fan wrote a wonderful message: “I came here when you were in glory, but I couldn’t turn around and leave when you were in decline!”No matter what, kobe Bryant, no. 8 and No. 24, is a deep imprint of our time.To many, he was one of the greatest basketball players of our time.He’s the leader!He’s the flag!He is faith!He’s a lighthouse!I wrote this two years ago, and it’s the same today: Kobe is gone, and there will be no more black mambas!Happy New Year!The mamba spirit lives on!

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